Treat your partner occasionally as a stranger

Treat your partner occasionally as a stranger

● Ask him how he feels for a day, but do n’t ask about his whereabouts. ● Take the initiative to care about his work, but do n’t worry too much about the women around him. The husband and wife often see couples like this: if the wife is not at home, the husband will not cook and clean the house;Without earning money to support the family, his wife will not feel secure.

Both parties can’t stop talking about each other because they can’t reach and meet their expectations.

This kind of thinking mode between husband and wife “taking each other as their own people”, I don’t know how much love has been dried up.

  The Chinese always like to divide the people around them into two groups, namely “strangers (outsiders)” and “owners (insiders)”.

In the face of strangers, we will subconsciously, and we are used to turning strangers who are interested in us, or in our favor, into “owners” by some means, so that we can change our defenses and intersect with them.
  Maybe we should get out of the “own” mode and let the “stranger” mode speak.

The “stranger effect” is to achieve emotional, economic, and independence in life and happiness by dividing your own world from the world of your partner.

The author once discussed the topic of marriage with a female boss of a senior women’s club. She said that women should learn to solve development, career, and economic difficulties themselves after marriage, and try not to rely on the help of their partners, because they love each other again.Or strangers who happened to meet on the ship of destiny, and at some point they would still be on the other side.

If you cannot afford your own destiny, but rely on the help of the other party to obtain the value of life, then if, some day, your ship fails (with your partner changing heart, accidents, etc.), you will feel extra pain, andUnable to release.
  Maybe women are more dependent on relationships, but in the logic of men, women and families are always only part of life, not all.

If a woman can’t be independent and is too involved in the life of the other person, she will lose her self and make the other person overwhelmed.

  In marriage, we do not hinder the occasional use of the “stranger” effect to learn to demarcate the boundaries between the two sides. It is clear what can be questioned and what cannot be questioned.

Maybe, for example, you can ask him how he feels for a day, instead of asking him about his detailed whereabouts; he can take the initiative to care about the problems he encounters in his work, but he can’t care too much about the women who appear around him.

Think of the other person as a “stranger” with independent behavior and choice. You can better maintain respect for the other person and learn more about the art of love.

  For example, you may wish to date like you are in love, agree to start from their respective companies, put on clothes that the other person has never seen, and greet each other like a first date.

In this way, the “stranger” effect is appropriately used to achieve the two people’s emotions entering a new realm.

How can women reduce wrinkles


How can women reduce wrinkles

For our skin, with the passage of time and the gravity of the earth, our skin will become more and more drooping. With the arrival of all this, there will be a lot of fine lines appearing more and more clearly. This becomesIt is a big trouble to destroy many people.

How can we help reduce these interferences?


Do n’t wash your face too much. When many girls are washing their faces, rub their faces vigorously, anxious to rub down a layer of things to count.

In fact, it will not be impossible to achieve a cleansing effect, which will increase the relaxation speed of the face and produce thin lines on the relatively thin skin.

So the correct face washing is sequential and gentle washing.


There are many beautiful girls who squeeze the eyes in their expressions, but the corners of the eyes have deep lines because the cheerful girls love to laugh, but when they laugh, they always squeeze their eyes to make a crescent really look good.

But always this will increase the lines around your eyes.

So try your best to control your emotions not to fluctuate, and the intensity should be softer.


Reducing the number of times you look up is definitely talking about the mushrooms with heavy heads.

When you are talking about laughter, when you are happy, you feel that your eyebrows are constantly flying. However, when you raise your eyebrows, the gap between the forehead skin and the forehead wrinkles are also increased.Not easy to subside.


What is the most important to moisturize the skin?

Of course, it is dry skin, and there is very little texture for beautiful women with oily skin, so if you want to reduce the texture, you must first make your skin moist enough, not greasy!

Pay attention to daily moisturizing work, then the texture will be slower.


Don’t be fat and thin Many people get fat as soon as they eat, and they lose weight after trying to lose weight, but they lose weight again if they don’t notice again.

When you change between fat and thin.

The firmness of your skin will slowly not keep up with your speed, so that your skin feels loose and loose, and it does not feel the elasticity and strength of the past.

For these things, you must consider reasonable exercise, combined with the use of essential oils, essential oils are a very good choice for firming the skin.


The intensity of the massage should be gentle. Many people listened to the beautician’s suggestion to do a facial massage, but as the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day, and everyone’s movements should not be intensified for quick pictures, which would be counterproductive.

Everyone’s technique can never be heavy, but it must be gentle, and the skin must be sufficiently moisturized when massaged and pushed. It can also be used with essential oils, which will have a positive effect.

If the skin is not moisturized and massaged, it will increase the appearance of skin lines, so everyone should keep in mind.

Swelling is divided into Yin and Yang

Swelling is divided into Yin and Yang

“The redness and swelling are high, and the doctor is not afraid.” This proverb is a simple judgement on the difficulty of the treatment of skin diseases-all skin damage manifested by redness, swelling and pain are relatively easy to treat.

Why do you say that?

  Traditional Chinese medicine surgery has the saying that “everyone can cure bloatedness, first distinguish between yin and yang.”

Usually the color is pale, collapsed and subsided, and those who are painful and relieved are mostly “yin syndrome”. The disease course is lingering, which easily leads to the inversion of evil qi, which often indicates that the body is lacking in righteousness. The color is red, high swelling, and pain.Yes, most of them are “yang syndromes”, and their occurrence is often related to the heat of the body, inadequate diet, and the feeling of warmth, which also indicates that the patient’s body is full of righteousness.

  Therefore, it is usually relatively easy to treat.

For “red and swollen” skin diseases, generally at the beginning of the disease, cold and external application of heat-clearing and detoxifying drugs can be used to eliminate swelling and analgesic effect; for hot and hot, redness and swelling are obvious, accompanied by painful skin lesions,It can be used in conjunction with oral administration to clear heat and detoxify, and to stasis and promote blood circulation. If the swelling is high, and the top of the skin lesion is accompanied by pus, the pus can be directly cut out and the sore will heal itself.

  Of course, if skin lesions appear in the armed forces, it is another matter.

With the change of people’s diet structure, more and more people like spicy food, so it is not surprising that large and small “acne” come out of their arms.

In this case, it is recommended to increase vigilance, adjust the diet structure as soon as possible, and at the same time adopt Chinese medicines that have the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, such as “Wuwei disinfection drink”, to prevent “swelling”.

Although this is not too difficult to treat, when the skin lesions are deep in the dermis, the marks left on the shoulder after disappearance need to be easily restored.

  For “red and swollen” skin problems, conditioning in life is also essential.

First of all, keep the local skin clean and dry to prevent its infection from getting worse. Take rhubarb, Coptis chinensis, Cotinus coggygria, and Phellodendron in the same amount, and apply it with cold water or vinegar. The effect of clearing heat, detoxifying and swelling can be used. At the same time, diet shouldTry to avoid “hot and fishy” food, eat more mung beans, bitter gourd and other foods that have heat-clearing and detoxifying effects, which will also help the healing of skin lesions.

Cleaning: How to remove earwax?

Cleaning: How to remove earwax?

The sacral glands of the external auditory canal skin secrete a pale yellow, some sticky substance, commonly known as earwax, which is medically called tadpole.

  It is easy to dry when exposed to the air, forming small pieces. When you eat, you chew your mouth and move through the jaw joint to fall out.

Some people are sticky, commonly known as oily ears or sugar ears (this kind of person is often accompanied by underarm odor), often mistaken for pus, but in fact, this is not inflammation and pus.

  Sometimes too much condyle and the epithelium replaced by the external auditory canal, the dust mixed together, can form a large lump, all the way to the external auditory canal, medically called condyle embolism.

For example, external ear canal fractures, too much ear hair, or chronic complications, etc., affect the discharge of iliac crests.

  Some mothers see a small amount of crickets in the baby’s external auditory meatus, and often dig for the child by issuing cards and other things.

We think it is better not to dig, to avoid damaging the external auditory canal skin and causing inflammation.

Adults have a small amount of nagging, and it is better not to move it.

If there is too much earwax on the external ear canal, which affects hearing or has symptoms such as discomfort, it should of course be recovered as soon as possible.

It is best to ask a doctor to deal with it.

If there is too much dry earwax, water enters the external ear canal during shampooing, bathing, or swimming, causing the dry crickets to swell after absorbing water, causing the patient’s hearing loss.

Earwax is rich in nutrients. Under high temperature and suitable temperature, bacteria are easy to grow and reproduce, which will irritate the skin of the external ear canal.

  If embolism causes ear symptoms, especially dry earwax, doctors often give patients 5% baking soda to attack the ears, 3-4 times a day, 2-3 drops each time. After 3 days, the palate softens and is used by the doctor.Take out the special hooks or pliers, or rinse them out with warm saline.

Inventory: six benefits of newborn swimming

Inventory: six benefits of newborn swimming

Healthy newborns are not afraid of water by nature, and they like to look for feelings in the water. They will regard this as the continuation of living in the amniotic fluid in the womb. Because the newborns are in a familiar environment, they are not afraid of the water at all.

  Newborn swimming must be performed by professionals with one-on-one swimming training, underwater massage, etc., using specialized swimming equipment, and assist the newborn to swim autonomously, to gently and naturally stimulate the baby’s vision, smell, and touch, especially balancefeel.

  The benefits of swimming for newborns are: 1.

Conducive to early elimination of fetal stool: fetal stool contains bilirubin, which is reset as soon as possible, the degree of jaundice of the newborn is reduced, and the duration is changed.


Promote infant brain neurodevelopment: Whole body exercise in the water can improve brain function and promote the brain’s ability to respond to the external environment.

Promote the rhythm of normal sleep and reduce the formation of bad sleep habits.


Promote muscle and bone growth: stimulate baby bones, joints, ligaments, muscle development, promote children’s height growth, and make children healthy.


Enhance infant cardiopulmonary function, increase children’s lung capacity, and regulate children’s immunity.


Promote baby’s bowel movement, eliminate abdominal flatulence, constipation and other symptoms.


Improve the baby’s body immunity and cold resistance, and help the baby to form a healthy and happy mood.

  In the critical period of 0-1 years, the implementation of effective and reasonable, scientific infant swimming health care and persistence for one year is of great significance to the child’s future growth and development.

What to do when practicing yoga

What should I do when practicing yoga?

There are many benefits to practicing yoga, but there are some safety aspects to pay attention to during practice.

Yoga seems to be relaxing. In fact, it has tens of thousands of movements, including bending, stacking, folding, pitching, twisting, restraining, flexing, stretching, lifting, pressing, etc. Improper practice will damage health.

  The movements become larger during practice, and when you feel tired, you may already be injured.

So be sure to do it under the guidance of a professional when doing some difficult moves.

Now, let me tell you a common situation: we must do adequate preparation activities before doing yoga, otherwise it is easy to “get angry”.

Practicing yoga requires breathing and contraction of the body, which is one of the reasons for the “breakthrough”.

The “transitional qi” occurs mainly because there is no rhythm of breathing during breathing or the breathing rate is too fast and the depth is insufficient.

  Cross-breathing refers to pain in a certain part of the chest and back during exercise. If you encounter speech, breathing, and cough, this pain will be aggravated. It is medically called “respiratory muscle spasm”.

Most are under-prepared before undertaking a large amount of exercise.

When the human body suddenly enters a state of tension from a quiet state, the oxygen and nutrients required for muscle movement cannot be satisfied as a result.

In addition, the frequency of breathing during exercise is too fast and the depth is not enough, which causes the “respiratory muscles” to continuously and excessively contract, without continuous rest.

  When you encounter cross-breathing, you can take a deep breath in time, and then hold your breath, fist punch your chest from top to bottom, and then slowly exhale deeply; or, after inhaling deeply, ask someone to fist to punch your chest from top to bottomOr lying on the bed or rolling on the mat repeatedly, so that the pain slowly disappeared.

  How can we avoid transitional qi in yoga practice?

First, it is best to practice under the guidance of a professional coach.

In addition, I will give you some precautions when practicing yoga: 1.

Avoid greasy and spicy foods.

Do not eat for at least 3 hours before the exercise. It is more scientific to eat 1 hour after the exercise.


Before practice, you should try to solve the big and urinate.


Bathe at least 15 minutes after practicing yoga.


Practicing yoga should be simple and loose.

It’s best to be barefoot while practicing.


Ventilation during practice is important for breathing exercises.

Some people learn yoga from books or videos.

Practitioners make sure not to overdo it to avoid harm to the body.

How does Chinese medicine treat chronic rhinitis?

How does Chinese medicine treat chronic rhinitis?

Chronic rhinitis is a chronic inflammation of the nasal mucosa and submucosa.

Presented as chronic congestive swelling of the nasal mucosa, called chronic simple rhinitis.

If it develops into hypertrophic hypertrophy of nasal mucosa and turbinate, it is called chronic hypertrophic rhinitis.

  The main points for the diagnosis of chronic rhinitis are simple, with intermittent alternating nasal congestion as the main symptom.

Double lower nail congestion and swelling can shrink after vasoconstrictor.

  2. Hypertrophy: The nasal congestion is heavier and mostly persistent.

The inferior turbinate is hypertrophic and insensitive to vasoconstrictors.

  Treatment of chronic rhinitis with traditional Chinese medicine 1. Differentiate and select prescription 1. Exogenous wind cold treatment method: Shufengsanhan, Xinwentongqiao.

  Recipe: Cang’er Zi San (“Ji Sheng Fang”) addition and subtraction.

Cocklebur 9g, Xinyi 9g, Zhihuo 9g, Fengfeng 9g, Zhiben 9g, Chuanxiong 9g, Baiji 15g, Asarum 3g, Cimicifuga 9g, Bentong 6g, Licorice 6g.

For those with severe cough, add asters and coltsfoot flowers; for those who are wet, add fragrant incense and Pelan.

  2, exogenous wind and heat treatment method: Shufeng Qingre, Xuanfei Tongqiao.

  Recipe: Sang Ju Yin (“Distinguishing of Warm Diseases”) and Canger Zi San addition and subtraction.

12g chrysanthemum, 9g eustoma, 9g forsythia, 9g almond, 9g mint, 9g mulberry leaf, 9g cocklebur, 9g white mandarin, 9g scutellaria, 9g licorice.

Those who have sore throat and shoot dry, Ma Bo; those who have yellow nose with blood, plus birthplace, silver flower.

  3, lung and spleen Qi deficiency, evil stagnation nasal qi treatment method: warming the lungs and qi, Qufeng Tongqiao.

  Recipe: Wenfei Zhiliu Dan (“Interventional Medicine”) with flavor.

Ginseng 9g, Huangmao 15g, Atractylodes 9g, Glycyrrhiza 9g, Asarum 3g, Baiji 5g, Cocklebur 9g, Fish Brain Stone 15g, Bellflower 9g, Gardenia 6g.

  4, spleen Qi deficiency, evil stagnation nose qi cure method: spleen and dampness, Qufeng Tongqiao.

  Recipe: Shenling Baizhu San (“Taiping Huiminhe Bureau Prescription” with flavor).

Codonopsis 9g, Poria 159, Atractylodes 9g, Huai Yam 30g, Stir-fried Lentils 9g, Lotus Seeds 15g, Coix Seeds 30g, Stone Iris 9g, Xanthium Seeds 9g, Chenpi 9g, Wet weight person Jiaze Diarrhea, Plantain; ColdnessAdd nepeta and asarum.

  5, evil poison stays long, Qi stagnation and blood stasis treatment method: reconcile qi and blood, stagnation and stasis.

  Recipe: Danggui Shaoyao Decoction (“Traditional Chinese Otorhinolaryngology” edited by Guangzhou College of Traditional Chinese Medicine) with flavor.

Chinese angelica 12g, red peony 15g, chuanxiong 9g, peach kernel 9g, safflower 9g, dilong 9g, Xinyi flower 9g, white chrysanthemum 12g, mint 9g, scutellaria baicalensis 9g, Poria cocos 15g, azalea 12g, atractylodes 9g, licorice 6g.

Lung qi deficiency plus astragalus and rice dumplings; heat-stressed ones add astragalus and mother-of-pearl; headache patients add amaranth, crickets and viburnum.

  Second, other therapies (1), external treatment 1, nose drops: ① Xinyi flower nasal drops: Xinyi flower 100g, 300ml decoction once, remove residue, filter, add an appropriate amount of preservatives, bottle for 3 times a day,1 each time?
2 drops.

(“Chinese Medicine Otorhinolaryngology” Guangzhou Medical College).

② Compound Goose Breed Nasal Drops: Goose does not eat grass 90g, Scutellaria baicalensis 90g, Honeysuckle 90g, Xinyi 90g, Paeonia lactiflora 90g, Chuanxiong 60g, Asarum 45g, 300ml glycerin, formulated into 1000ml liquid, bottled nose drops.

  2. Biyun San blowing nose: 3?
4 times.

Bi Yunsan (“Yinzong Jinjian”): The goose does not eat grass, Chuanxiong, Asarum, Xinyihua, and Qingdai.

  Acupuncture treatment for chronic rhinitis (1), main points for acupoints: Yingxiang, Yintang, Baihui, Hegu Acupoints: Fengchi, Shangxing, Ruler, Likui, Tongtian, Zhuzhu acupuncture (1), takeThe main points of acupoints: Hegu, Neiguan, Zusanli, the inner court points are divided into 2 groups: 1 Fengchi; 2 the first and second cervical vertebra lower ear acupressure pills (a), the main points of acupoints: endocrine, lung, spleen, kidneyFor the external nose (2), take the upper points of the treatment method, and only choose to replace them. Alternately, press one piece of white mustard on the points with adhesive tape on both ears, and prescribe the patient to knead each point by hand, each time press 20Circle to local swelling with mild pain.

4 times a day, 1 change a day, 7 days as a course of treatment.

  Moxibustion (1), the main points of acupoints are divided into 2 groups: 1 Yangbaizhu bamboo fish waist; 2 Sibai Yingxiang matching points: Zusanli, Yanglingquan; head pain plus Baihui, Taichong; frontal pain plus inner court, OKPillow pain plus jade pillow, Houxi, Kunlun, Fengchi (two), the main points of the treatment method are taken one group at a time, used alternately, with garlic moxibustion.

Acupuncture points are used according to the symptoms, and conventional acupuncture is used.

The operation of moxibustion is as follows: choose single head garlic and cut it to 0 thickness.

7 cm, put the garlic slices into the acupoint area, knead the moxa into a cone-shaped moxa column as large as peanuts and place on the garlic slices, and ignite moxibustion with incense.
Moxibustion should not be too hot, the patient feels comfortable and tolerated, and the patient is prescribed to close his eyes.

Acute patients with 3 moxibustion points?
5 strong; chronic moxibustion 5?
7 strong.
Moxibustion once a day, 7?
10 times as a course of treatment.

  Chronic rhinitis massage for acupuncture point yinxiang: the midpoint of the outer edge of the nasal wing, 0 on the side.

5 inches when in the nasolabial fold.

  Yintang: The midpoint of the line connecting the two brows.

  Nasal pass: as far as the upper end of the nasolabial fold.

  Wind pool: the depression between the sternocleidomastoid muscle and the trapezius muscle, Pingfengfu.

(Fengfu: 1 inch on the straight line in the middle of the rear hairline.

Hegu: The back of the hand, between the first and second metacarpals, about the middle point of the second metacarpal, that is, the horizontal joint of the thumb and phalangeal joint of one hand, placed on the axillary edge between the thumb and index finger of the other hand,Under the tip.
  Zusanli: 3 inches below the calf’s acupoint and a lateral finger at the outer side of the anterior condyle of the upper bone.

(The calf nose: the lower edge of the sacrum, the depression of the lateral side of the sacral ligament.

) Hong Leong: 8 inches above the expected height, and 1 inch outside the slot.

(Strip mouth: 8 inches below the calf acupoint.

) Treatment method 1, the thumb and food, the middle finger is relatively hard, high and low shuttle the sides of the nose, about 30 times.

  2. Wipe Yingxiang Acupoint 60 times with the side of the index finger.

  3, Press Kneading Hall, Nose Tong, Fengchi, Hegu, Zusanli, Honglong for 1 minute each.

  Cautions 1. Keep heat and avoid air cooling.

  2. Pay attention to nasal hygiene.

  3. Strengthen physical exercise, strengthen body resistance, and actively prevent and treat colds.

  Therapeutic conditioning1. Loofah pig lean meat, heat and anti-inflammatory, detoxification Tongqiao, treating acute episodes of chronic rhinitis, atrophic rhinitis, rhinorrhea, pus snot, severe brain headache

  Take the loofah vine near the root 3?
Wash 5 grams, cut 60 grams of lean pork, cook soup in the same pot, season with a small amount of salt, eat soup and eat meat, five times as a course, use 1?
3 courses of healing.

  2, Xin Yi boiled eggs: Tongqiao, pus discharge, eliminate headaches, nourish and support, treating chronic sinusitis, pus discharge.

  Use 15 grams of Xinyi flower, put into the casserole, add 2 bowls of water, and fry 1 bowl; 2 eggs, cooked and shelled, puncture a few holes, reheat the casserole, pour the medicinal sauce and boil, add the eggsCook for a while, eat soup and eggs.

  3, Bai Ye pig nose soup; anti-inflammatory Tongqiao, nourishing yin and replenishing, treating nasal runny nose.

  Take 66 grams of pork snout and scrape it clean, put 30 grams of green cypress leaves, 6 grams of golden dendrobium, 10 grams of Bupleurum into the casserole, add 4 bowls of water to fry and 1 bowl, filter out the residue, and pour in honeyGrams, 30 grams of rice wine at 30 degrees, and drink well.

  4, yellow flower fish head soup: righteousness and dispel evil, Buzhongtongqiao.

Indications for chronic atrophic rhinitis, alternating colds.

  Take 100 grams of fatty fish and fry it on both sides with hot oil for a while after washing.

Remove 15 grams of jujube and wash them with 30 grams of yellow flower, 15 grams of atractylodes, 10 grams of cocklebur, 10 grams of white peony, and 3 slices of ginger. Put the soup in the casserole with the fish head and cook until the meat is cooked.

  5. Sheep flour: Take a pair of Yangshen Pills for treating chronic rhinitis. After washing, place them in the initialization or roast yellow in a casserole.

Each pair of spinal pills is taken twice a day, and it takes effect for 2-3 consecutive days.

  6. Astragalus porridge: Astragalus 400g, Baizhu 230 g, windproof 240g, lisianthus 120g, licorice 60g, rice 20g (for one day), in addition to rice, grind other materials into powder, mix well, put into a dry container (haveCover) Save.

Put 400cc of water and rice in a pot, boil on high heat, and simmer on low heat for 20 minutes.

Add 10g of milled powder from (1) to (2), boil over low heat, and put on the lid for 5 minutes.

Packing leftovers carefully

Packing leftovers carefully

With the improvement of material life and the accelerated pace of life, people are eating more and more.

And with the increasing awareness of frugality, the good habit of “packaging” is becoming more and more popular.

But what should be paid attention to when packing and returning food?

  Leftovers must be stored separately. It is best to use clean and closed containers.

Because microorganisms grow at different rates in different foods, storing them separately can avoid cross-contamination.

  In addition, packaged food needs to be cooled before adding it to the refrigerator, because hot food suddenly enters the low temperature environment, and the food center is prone to qualitative changes, and the hot air brought in by the food can cause condensation of water vapor, causing mold growth, which will cause the entire refrigeratorMoldy food.

  Packaged food must be returned to the pan. Food stored in the refrigerator must be returned to the pan after removal.

This is because the temperature of the refrigerator can only inhibit the proliferation of bacteria and cannot completely kill them.

If it is not heated before consumption, it can cause inadequacy after consumption, such as ulcers or diarrhea.

Before reheating, you can use the senses to judge whether the food is spoiled. If you feel abnormal, do not eat it again.

Heat the food to a temperature of at least 70 ° C.

  The leftovers should not be kept for too long. The leftovers should not be left between meals. The leftovers in the morning are eaten at noon, and the leftovers at noon are eaten at night.
Eat it within 6 hours.

Because under normal circumstances, by heating at 100 degrees Celsius, most pathogenic bacteria can be killed within a few minutes.

However, if the food is stored for too long, the bacteria in the food will release chemical toxins, and heating will not help them.

  Cold dishes should not be packaged because cold dishes are not heated during the production process, it is easy to be infected with bacteria, improper storage of themselves can easily lead to food poisoning, so try to eat cold dishes after meals.

  In addition to the above-mentioned issues that need attention, there are a few things to watch out for when heating up, depending on the food you package.

  Bacteria: Bacteria in fish-processed dishes are easily multiplied by heating for four or five minutes. The bacteria above can multiply every 8 minutes at a temperature of about 20, and one bacteria will become 100 million within five or six hours.

Such a large number makes your stomach uncomfortable.

Therefore, the packaged fish must be heated for four or five minutes.

But for too long, the high-quality protein, trace and rich vitamins contained in fish are beneficial to the nervous system of the human body, and will also cause losses.

  Meat: Put some vinegar when heating. Meat and animal foods are packed back and heated again. It is best to add some vinegar.

Because these foods are rich in minerals, these minerals will overflow with water when heated.

Add some vinegar when heating, these substances will synthesize calcium acetate when it encounters acetic acid, and even improve its nutrition, which is also beneficial to our body’s absorption and utilization.

  Seafood: add some shellfish when heating, seafood is best to add some wine, green onions, ginger and other ingredients when heating, so that it can not only improve the freshness, but also have a certain bactericidal effect, can kill the viceHemolytic Vibrio prevents gastrointestinal upset.

In particular, ginger has bactericidal and detoxifying effects (especially fish, shrimp, and crab poison) in Chinese medicine.

  Starch: After eating packaged starch foods within 4 hours, it is best to eat them within 4 hours, because they are easily parasitic by Staphylococcus.

The bacterial toxins will not be decomposed under high temperature heating, which cannot solve the problem of deterioration.

Therefore, if you have n’t finished it in a short time, do n’t eat it even if it does n’t look bad in appearance.

Who your personality is

Who your personality is

This is a gorgeous and popular fashion event where all the beautiful women are fighting for their own beauty. All the fashion people are trying their best to dress themselves up. If you want to create a stunning effect, you are also invited to participate. What will you dress?


Neutral style B.

Sexy and glamorous

Gorgeous retro style D.

Dignified basic style choice A: You are a person who looks easy-going and indifferent inside.

Outstanding pacifism, do not like quarrels, and will maintain friendly relations with everyone, but that is only superficial, you will not give it all, just to the point, when your friends need you, you are long gone.

Choice B: You are just afraid that the world is not chaotic. You want to repeat everything. Even if others are annoying you, you still come in and think that only you have the ability to solve these things. At first everyone may praise you.You are enthusiastic about helping others, but then you may not be able to stand your chicken personality.

Choice C: You always have a look of incomparable pride. When people look at it, they will unconsciously want to hit you.

In fact, you are not a bad person. You just have a tofu heart. If you do n’t know enough about you, you will have misunderstandings. You should adjust your attitude and change the line of being close to the people.

Choice D: This is not possible, that is not possible, this is how everyone thinks of you.

Although some people often praise you for being honest and reliable, it also means that you are a boring and unknowable person. You should have the courage to try different lifestyles to make life more interesting.

Cure baby pneumonia diet

Cure baby pneumonia diet

Brief description: Ephedra root fish porridge: 15 grams of ephedra root, 1 catfish, 50 grams of previous rice.

Add ephedra root and boil for 20 minutes to remove the residue.

Remove the fish from the scales and internal organs, wash it, and put it in the juice together with the previous rice to cook the porridge.

  Pneumonia baby diet taboos and taboos: For high fever and dehydration babies should avoid high protein diets, such as meat, chicken, fish, because eating more protein, urea will also increase the discharge, will take away the body of accumulated water.
Spicy foods are also not suitable for eating, which can easily reduce heat damage.

Eating too much sugar can inhibit the bactericidal effect of white blood cells in the body, so do not eat too much sugar and eat too sweet food.

Do not eat cold and acidic foods.

  Should: Baby’s milk can be appropriately replaced with some water.

Eat more light food.

In addition to milk, eggs, soy products, you can also eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

  Baby pneumonia in the acute phase of food therapy Fanghan closed lung type: cough, thin phlegm, not thirsty, pale tongue.

  The diet side a green onion ginger porridge: 3 green onions, 3 slices of ginger, 50 grams of rice before.

The above is a total of porridge, served hot.

  Have the effect of dispel cold and declare lungs.

  Dietary almond porridge: 10 grams of almonds, 50 grams of previous rice.

Boil the almonds for 15 minutes, remove the residue, and add the previous rice to make porridge.

  Xuanfei Huatan role.

  Wind-heat closed lung type: cough, thick yellow sputum, thirst, red lips, red tongue, yellow urine.

  Food therapy side Houttuynia cordata soup: 30 grams of Houttuynia cordata, 30 grams of reed root, 12 grams of red dates.

Cook over 30 minutes with water.

  It has the effect of clearing heat and reducing phlegm.

  Therapeutic formula two sugar apricot pear: 1 pear, 10 grams of almonds, 12 grams of rock sugar.

Peel and core the pears, add almonds and rock sugar, and steam for 20 minutes.

  Have heat-clearing and lung-releasing effects.

[NextPage]Baby pneumonia recovery period food therapy side spleen Qi deficiency type: yellow complexion, poor appetite, indigestion, irregular stool, pale tongue.

  Diet therapy side ginseng porridge: 12 grams of codonopsis, 15 grams of red dates, 50 grams of rice.

Add boiled porridge to eat.

  Beneficial qi and spleen effect.

  Therapeutic Recipe 2 Duck yam and yam porridge: one duck yam, 15 grams of yam, 15 grams of yam, 50 grams of rice.

Wash the duck gizzards, chop them up, and then yam and glutinous rice.

  Have spleen strengthening effect.

  Therapeutic formula Sanmahuang root fish porridge: 15 grams of ephedra root, 1 catfish, 50 grams of rice.

Add ephedra root and boil for 20 minutes to remove the residue.
Remove the fish from the scales and internal organs, wash it, and put it in the juice together with the previous rice to cook the porridge.

  Spleen and antiperspirant effect.

  Lung yin deficiency type: dry cough without sputum, thirsty to drink, low fever in the afternoon, little red tongue.

  Diet side a white fungus rock sugar pear: 12 grams of white fungus, 1 pear, 12 grams of rock sugar.

Peel and core the pear and cut into pieces.Wash the white fungus with water, add it to the pot with the pear, cook on low heat for 30 minutes, add rock sugar to dissolve and eat.

  It has the effect of moistening lungs and relieving cough.

  Luofang Guozhu Lung Decoction: 1 Luohan Guo, 10 grams of almonds, 250 grams of pork lungs.

Wash pig lungs with water.

Cut into pieces and squeeze the foam.

Rinse the almonds with water and peel.

Add water to soup with Luo Han Guo and add salt.

  It has the effect of nourishing lungs, relieving cough and reducing phlegm.

  Kidney deficiency type: chronic cough, underheated limbs, stunted growth, pale tongue.

  Therapeutic recipe a walnut porridge: 15 grams of walnut meat, 12 grams of jujube, 10 grams of longan meat, 50 grams of rice.

Break the walnut meat, pit the dates, add boiled porridge to eat.

Have kidney and spleen effect.

  Diet therapy side two Chinese wolfberry and Huangjing porridge: 15 grams of wolfberry, 20 grams of Huang Jing, 50 grams of previous rice, sugar content.

Add the above boiled porridge.

  Beneficial Qi and kidney effect.