Study finds husband feels most relaxed when watching wife do housework

Study finds husband feels most relaxed when watching wife do housework

American researchers have found that husbands do one-half of the housework, and it is easiest to watch a wife do housework.

  Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles Family Daily Center recruit 30 couples, temporary volunteers in Los Angeles.

Respondents are working, in their early 40s, married for about 13 years, have at least one child, and multiple families have three children.

Researchers have found that when husbands have nothing to do, their wives have low levels of stress if they are doing housework.

  Researchers believe that men may feel quite relaxed when they see others doing housework.

It’s like if you know your spouse is tutoring your child for homework or doing laundry, you can rest with your feet up.

5 strokes body care with smooth and sexy skin

5 strokes body care with smooth and sexy skin

Although summer is here, your body may not be able to escape the fate of dryness.

Therefore, at any time, we must allow the skin to drink excess moisture so that we can have soft and smooth skin.

Otherwise, you accidentally made yourself a snake skin MM, but it is a disaster!

  1, bathing instructions should not exceed 15 minutes whether bath or shower; use warm water instead of hot water to prevent the skin from getting too dry; if the skin is too dry, first apply emollient oil to allow the body to fully absorb one minuteBathe again.

  2. Do not use deodorant soaps. Soaps usually contain irritating washing ingredients. The most ideal choice is to remove bath oils and fragrances and use deodorant after bathing.

  3. Do you have a three-layer blade for shaving?

If not, it is recommended that you replace this knife because it can be cleaned more and is safer to use.

Apply body lotion as soon as possible after bathing. In case of redness, immediately apply 1% strength hydrocortisone ointment, and then use the lotion the next day, otherwise you will feel stinging.

  4. Scrub 1-2 times a week, massage the whole body with scrub containing sugar or bath salt to remove aging cutin.

But keep in mind that the day of shaving must not be frosted.

  5. After moisturizing the bath, gently pat the skin dry.

While the skin is still wet, apply a moisturizer containing ceramide (ceramide) to lock in moisture.

But don’t use moisturizers with a lot of flavors as they may irritate the skin.

Look at the color of the hand to self-assess the health?

TCM teaches you how to think

Look at the color of the hand to self-assess the health?
TCM teaches you how to think

Not only do our hands support our daily lives, they help us perceive things, but they also reflect the health of our bodies. Do you know?

How to polish your health from your hands, Chinese medicine teaches you some methods.

  The color of the hand reflects the healthy state. The color of the skin is closely related to the nutritional status of the skin, subcutaneous tissues, blood vessels, and other conditions. The skin color of the hands and palms can also reflect the state of the skin, subcutaneous tissue, and subcutaneous blood flow.Has its certain medical significance.

The color of normal human hands is bright, the palms are light red or pink, moist and bright, flexible and uniform in color.

The colors we often observe are the following: 1, yellow.

Palms are pale yellow and lustrous is the normal color for taller people.

The yellow is the weight gain compared to the normal yellow.

The appearance of yellow indicates a decrease in the amount of blood contained in a person’s subcutaneous blood vessels, or a lack of blood, or an external manifestation of skin malnutrition.

Seek medical attention if your hands become severely yellowed.

  2. Red.

The redness of the palm of the hand indicates that the subcutaneous blood vessels in the palm are full of blood and the blood flow is increased. As a result, the palm color exceeds the light red and pink of ordinary people, which indicates the existence and development of the disease.

If the palm color is too red or bright red, it indicates that there is hypertension, hypertensive crisis, and severe cerebral hemorrhage, especially if there are previous symptoms of hypertension, and the palm of the hand is red, or there is a burning sensation in the palm, which may be cerebral hemorrhage.The threat should be handled in time to prevent accidents; if the palms were originally red, they are now turned into dark purple, indicating that the blood vessels under the skin of the palms were strong and full, but they were blocked by the heart and slowed down.The blood oxygen saturation in the blood vessel is reduced to a dark purple color, which is a dangerous sign that indicates that a heart disease has occurred or is in a critical condition. At this time, rescue treatment should be performed as soon as possible, and the patient must not be moved randomly to prevent sudden death.
  3, white.

This color indicates poor blood flow to the hand, insufficient subcutaneous blood flow, or low hemoglobin.

Different parts of the skin of the palms and fingers are white or pale, which also indicate different disease groups.

For example, the skin of the palm is pale and becomes white, which is common in anemia, hematological diseases, chronic bleeding diseases, malnutrition, etc. The skin of the palm is white, which may be a lung disease or an infectious disease in the body;A pale index finger indicates hepatobiliary diseases; a pale middle finger indicates cardiovascular disease; a pale ring finger indicates renal and genital dysfunction; a pale pink finger raises blood and gastrointestinal dysfunction.

  4, purple.

Dark red or purple spots on the palms are common in liver diseases, such as chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis and other chronic liver diseases; blue-purple is a sign of blood stasis in the palms, indicating that blood flow disorders in this area are common in severe infections, heart failure, shockWait for critically ill patients.

  5. Green.

The palm skin is green, which is more common in anemia and gastrointestinal diseases, such as indigestion, chronic diarrhea, aplastic anemia, etc .; green-green indicates cardiovascular diseases, such as heart failure, arteritis, atherosclerosis, and myocarditis.

  6, black.

Black indicates kidney disease, such as chronic nephritis, uremia and other diseases.

In short, watching the color change of human hand skin can also understand the disease.

  Massaging different parts of the hand to improve health As mentioned above, we understand the differences in the color of the palms. Let ‘s talk about how to improve our physical health by massaging the hands: 1. Massaging the palms of the hands to improve the heart and lung blood circulation and prevent arteriosclerosis; 2. RubbingThe thumb can excite nerve function, maintain the acid-base balance of body fluids, and treat liver diseases; 3, rubbing the index finger can regulate digestive system function, strengthen the spleen and stomach, heal the liver and biliary, and treat lung diseases;Treatment of heart disease; 5, massage the ring finger can regulate the nervous system function, improve sensitivity, treat spleen disorders and seizures; 6, massage the little finger can enhance the function of the respiratory system and urinary system, prevent colds and treat other infections and hypertension  7, massage large and small fish can prevent constipation, diarrhea and hemorrhoids.

  The hand can be said to be a direct reflection of health. Have you learned it?

Yoga makes your brunette more charming

Yoga makes your brunette more charming

What is your wish

: Strengthen your physique without feeling exhausted?

no problem!

Editor’s Choice Exercise Today: Yoga!

The fitness instructor said: Women will be more charming when practicing yoga.

  Why: Maybe you’ve heard too many amazing stories about yoga, it can really strengthen your body and relax your body and mind.

Yoga is also known as hatha, jnana, raja and bhakti in many different forms, but yoga instructors usually recommend astanga-a yoga technique designed to strengthen and maintain your body.

  The effect: Australian astanga yoga expert Liz Luck said in her book “Magic Yoga” that yoga can readjust your body’s functions, make muscles and bones completely balanced and relaxed, and nervous nerves canGet calm.

By practicing yoga, you will get extraordinary physical strength, gentleness and endurance, and get unexpected physical relaxation.

  Expert advice: “Astanga is like a psychotropic agent,” said Luck. “With it, you can get nervous and anxious before and get mentally stretched and focused.

We awaken our own body consciousness in this way, so pay close attention to the subtle feelings and breathing changes of the body at each step during the exercise.

“Fitness: Precautions before practicing yoga Specific approach: The best way to practice yoga is to attend a yoga training class.

You can wear any outfit that makes you feel flexible in stretching your limbs.

It is best to find a companion to practice together, and some venues also provide affordable trainers.

Find a newspaper with classified ads for publications, find yoga training classes that are closer to home or office, or where transportation is more convenient. Call for a consultation.

Usually this training class is free for the first lesson so you can start.

If you want to practice at home, you can go to the bookstore to find a teaching tape or movie about yoga, buy it to learn by yourself, or log on to the Internet to find some useful information about yoga to read.

  Yoga, the achievement of a woman’s beautiful mind is right, her right leg is a big step forward, her left leg is turned 45 ゜, her right leg is raised, her right knee is on a line with her right toenails, her right thigh is parallel to the ground.

Keep your body in a modest sense of tension and lift, with your arms extended to your shoulders.

Stare at the tip of your right hand while breathing deeply.

Hold this position for a while, then change your leg and repeat several times.

  Right places: chest, thighs, calves, arms and shoulders.

  Special shape: lifting the tibia and chest muscles, enhancing flexibility and widening the back.

  a: Stand straight, take a big step forward with your left foot, press your left leg down, point your right foot forward, place your feet flat on the ground, and put your hands together on your chest.

Press your hips so that the left thigh and the ground are in a parallel line. Pay attention to balance and keep your posture for a while.

  b: Then, lean your body to the right, twist your waist, turn your face so that the back of your right upper arm rests on the left side, your left arm is tilted outwards, and your palms must be firm and your muscles must be tightened.

Hold on for a while, then switch to right leg and repeat a, b to minimize shaking.

Five people must not be jealous

Five people must not be jealous

Vinegar health care has become a fashion, quietly popular in the family, but vinegar may not have a health effect for everyone, and the replacement of vinegar cannot be ignored.

There are five types of jealousy that can cause all kinds of discomfort. Be careful when you are jealous!


Those who are sensitive to vinegar and those with low blood pressure should not use vinegar, which can cause allergies in these people and cause symptoms such as rash, itching, edema, and pain.

In addition, vinegar in patients with low blood pressure can cause blood pressure to drop, causing headaches, dizziness, and general adverse reactions such as weakness.


Those who are taking western medicine should not be jealous.

Because acetic acid can change the pH of the local environment in the human body, so that certain drugs cannot work.

  When taking thiamine-containing drugs, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium oxide, and basic drugs such as Wesuan, you should not eat vinegar, because acetic acid can neutralize alkaline drugs and has been replaced.

When using antibiotics such as gentamicin, kanamycin, streptomycin, erythromycin, it is not advisable to be jealous, because these antibiotics will reduce the effect in the acidic environment and affect the efficacy.


When taking traditional Chinese medicine that “disperses sweat”, it is not appropriate for traditional Chinese medicine to believe that acid can converge. When combined with anti-exhaustive sweat medicine such as Compound Yinqiao Tablets, vinegar will promote the contraction of human sweat holes, which will destroy the organisms in traditional Chinese medicine.Alkali and other active ingredients, which interfere with the antiperspirant effect of Chinese medicine4.

Patients with gastric ulcer and hyperacidity should not use vinegar to completely corrode the reconstituted mucosa of such patients and aggravate the development of ulcer disease. Moreover, vinegar itself is rich in organic acids, which can cause the digestive organs to secrete a large amount of digestive juice, thereby increasing digestion of gastric acidEffect, causing the ulcer to worsen.


Fractured elderly avoid jealousy In addition, the elderly should avoid jealousy during fracture treatment and rehabilitation.

Because vinegar can soften the bones and decalcify, and disrupt the dynamic balance of calcium in the human body, it will promote the development and aggravation of osteoporosis, make the injured limbs soft, the pain worse, and the fractures can’t heal.

The five least desirable yoga ideas

The five least desirable yoga ideas

Many people have a one-sided understanding of yoga, thinking that it is right to do it that way, and it is wrong to do that, and yoga is not what you think. Let ‘s take a look at the five common mistakes of yoga to help you correct wrong views.

  The first misunderstanding: Is that teacher teaching right?

  Friends who like to run yoga practice in the classroom should find that some common movements are slightly different for each teacher, and the requirements are not the same. Even teachers who have been teaching for a long time will change them by themselves.There will be differences between students and later students. Even the world-famous Indian master Iyengar has such a situation, let alone an ordinary teacher.

  In fact, no matter where you go to practice, every teacher tells the correct answer. The serious teacher talks about his serious discovery, and the less serious teacher talks about the experience he copied from his teacher. No matter what, he learns yoga.Do n’t be obsessed, you should have a mentality: “Everywhere in the body must be practiced”, because “different requirements can be practiced in different body parts”, so do n’t worry about whether there are any contradictions.

  The second misunderstanding: hard work will improve?

  I believe that at least one of the ten yoga practitioners wants to really practice yoga very well, but there may not be ten masters of yoga in one hundred people. Why?

Exited because most people were injured and accumulated a lot of frustration.

  The reason is simple, this body cannot overwork.

When you think that certain parts of the body are strengthened specifically, it is possible to increase the chance of straining on that part, so that sooner or later the injury will cause training problems.

I often hear people say that injuries are a common occurrence. I do n’t take it seriously. Our body is not easy to maintain. It is not difficult to make it hurt. Each time it hurts, it can be painful for several weeks.70% to 80% of the original return, so a group of people give up practicing yoga.

  In fact, all parts of the body will affect each other. You don’t need to do special exercises in some places. Sometimes, when you are in other parts, you can improve the tight places.

Then again, the ligaments on the body are the thickest and thickest of the hips and legs, so it is not easy to exercise, and it is not strange to spend three or five years.

As long as you practice hard instead of hard, you don’t have to worry about the effect.

Softness does not necessarily depend on stretching. Like myself, the effect of stretching is not good. Often, when I ‘m doing asanas, I ‘m quiet enough and calm, and sometimes I suddenly realize that the hardest places are usually soft.

  Therefore, with each hard practice, it is better to increase the number of exercises, but every time you practice, replace the unneeded mentality to practice, and let your heart be empty, the body will be soft.

  The third misunderstanding: Is the asanas that change with each passing day cool?

  Some people learn yoga and consider posture as the whole of yoga, so they enjoy collecting various asanas, and even like to be able to modify or modify asanas.

I have also heard that some teachers cherish asanas during class, and are unwilling to teach too much. They are afraid that students will not practice after teaching the asanas they know, so this teacher spends half an hour to warm up each lesson.It ‘s really incredible to practice Japanese worship a few times and review what I taught before. It ‘s time to teach one or two new tricks in a class.

  In the eight-step method of Raja Yoga, asana is only one of them. It is difficult for modern people to learn the spiritual course that cannot be touched. One-eighth asana is considered to be all yoga.It is a misconception.

The key lies in the skill of the teacher, and to completely innovate the movement. There are too many asanas currently known, and they can’t be practiced at all.

If the teacher does not experience the experience at all levels, there is of course little to teach.

  Good teaching is to see the coach ‘s understanding of asana, and the best way to teach is the moves that can be seen in books and videos from outside, so that students can easily review the memory, and it is easier to find the differences in the movement requirements between different coaches.This way you can better understand the intentions of each coach.

  Fourth misconception: Yoga is about pulling your body soft?

  People who practice yoga in Taiwan recognize softness, and foreign yoga postures require balanced development.

I believe that if you practice correctly, your body must be soft, but it will also have strength, but this strength is not a large muscle strength, but a well-trained yogi should be like a fairy-like crane bone as the ancients said.The body looks thin and fluttering.

  Some people have insufficient blood and strength of muscles and muscles, and are vulnerable to injury when they are pulled, or their bodies are hardened. The slow progress of these people will cause them to lose confidence only if they give up and do not practice.

  Or the muscles are loosened, and it seems to be very soft. In fact, the body does not have to become stronger. The ligaments are important tissues that support the body in various postures, postures, and movements. They are loosened.Muscle strength, this is probably not a yoga exercise that focuses on body integration, but exercise.

  How can I make my body soft?

I often think that softness has no absolute relationship with joint ligaments. 70% of the human body is liquid, so do not start with softness of only 30% of the solid, so that the success rate will increase.

Many asanas can guide movement to the internal organs and stimulate the brain to excrete various endorphins that are beneficial to the human body.

This kind of interactive practice is enough, and the experience is good, the body will naturally be soft, plus relaxation, and the physiology will naturally change to health, even if the muscles are not stretched, there are many benefits.

  The human body has a characteristic that it is symmetrical about the left and right X-shape, and is also related to the left and right brains.

Our body is used, and in what way, it will have a fixed inertia over time.

Just continue to practice with patience, don’t treat it as one thing, and don’t compromise to overcome it.

If the mind stiffens the body as annoyance and adopts a confrontational attitude, it will be even more blameless.

As long as you continue to practice and really experience relaxation and tranquility, then this worry will gradually decrease.

The process is almost the same as overcoming psychological problems.

  Looking back, don’t think that your body is good at soft yoga. You should consider your health as an achievement.   Fifth misconception: Yoga has to learn from the master?

  After the popularity of yoga, many master-level characters appeared. The so-called masters are the easy and beautiful creations of various difficult movements, coupled with the attractiveness of the media on books.

Since these masters practice well, they can of course be taught well, but you can learn unique skills in the textbooks that you learn from them, because there are so many disciples of these masters. If you are lucky, you can go ahead and let the masters give pointers, Unlucky, far away from the master, you can only see the back of the master.

Popular masters usually have a lot of courses, or there are many external affairs, so they may not be energetic when starting a class. Some may think that they can be overcome by just taking three points. It is mainly for people who come to learn.There are many lively ones, and real trainers rarely appear.

In addition, the tuition is usually expensive for the master. If you can’t get anything in the last lesson, the sense of loss is especially serious, so the mentality of suffering and losing is contrary to the spirit of yoga.

  In fact, the practice of yoga requires teachers to teach well, and the students ‘own Wisdom is also very important. Wisdom is a high degree of physical acuity. This kind of person can understand each other and even learn from each other.

When encountering a relatively short-rooted scholar, sometimes he clearly speaks Chinese, but he still doesn’t understand it. Even a master can only encourage him to practice well.

  Doesn’t that need a master to learn yoga?

It is recommended that beginners of yoga do not have to pick teachers deliberately, first find a few classrooms with convenient transportation and affordable tuition to try a few classes, and choose the one you are most satisfied with and stay and practice.

After waiting for a year or two, you should know what yoga is all about. Then you can go out to find teachers and friends. If you do n’t have this intention, you do n’t have to do much. You can continue to practice and you can keep your body and live longer.

People who haven’t trained their experience or a certain degree, even if you meet the master, you may not benefit, because the so-called masters are good at teaching according to their aptitude. If you haven’t become talents, the master can only comfort you and play with humor.You’re happier, so you’ll have a lot of merit.

  Some people practice yoga well and want to make difficult movements like a master, so they often feel frustrated here.

I do n’t think it ‘s necessary to practice every move. Difficult moves can be bluffing, but they do n’t necessarily contain any great effects. People who like to practice can realize that they are challenged by themselves, but do n’t have to feel that they ca n’t do it.Discouraged, but simple moves are both good and effective, that should be the mainstream, practice more simple moves, and difficult movements can be done slowly.

Chinese medicine massage delicate baby rhinitis

Chinese medicine massage delicate baby rhinitis

Experts point out that infants and young children are prone to colds or rhinitis, which has a lot to do with their physiological anatomy.

Their nasal cavity is shorter than that of adults, their nose hairs have not yet grown, and their nasal passages are narrow and their mucous membranes are soft. Bacterial viruses can easily enter the respiratory tract and become infected.

With each infection, because the nasal mucosa is rich in blood vessels and there are many secretions, the posterior nasal cavity is easy to insert, which makes breathing and sucking difficult.

Moreover, the nasal mucosa is connected to the sinus mucosa, and the sinus mouth is relatively penetrated, so the baby is also prone to cause sinusitis when suffering from acute rhinitis.

  4 common rhinitis in infants1.

Newborn persistent rhinitis.

About half of newborns have acute nasal breathing, but once the nose is congested, the nasal cavity becomes narrower, making gas exchange difficult.

Babies may become irritable and have difficulty breathing. This situation is exacerbated during breastfeeding because breastfeeding completely blocks the baby’s airway.

However, after 5-6 months, the baby gradually learns to breathe through the mouth, and this situation will be relieved.


Short-term idiopathic nasal discharge in newborns.

Many newborns have unexplained, transient (approximately 3 weeks of birth) nasal congestion, which can be accompanied by sticky or aqueous secretions (flowing out when pumping).

The nasal cavity can be rinsed with a saline solution of nasal drops. After a few minutes, the secretions are gently sucked out with a cotton swab, and the symptoms of nasal congestion will be relieved.


Allergic rhinitis caused by milk.

Allergic reactions to milk can not only cause diarrhea, but also make your baby’s breathing sounds thicker and increase nose and mouth secretions. It is common in babies born 1-2 months.

The solution is to stop taking milk. The symptoms can be relieved in about 24-48 hours.


Allergic rhinitis.
Allergic rhinitis is also called hay fever or subtilis.

The disease can occur all year round, but it mainly occurs in spring and summer or summer and autumn, and has a lot to do with pollen and dust.

Babies mainly show sudden nasal congestion, runny nose and continuous sneezing.

Prominent manifestations are itching of eyes, nose, throat and external auditory canal.

Some babies are irritable and crying due to severe headache and itching, and usually improve gradually in 4-5 days.

If the co-infection is infected, it will cause yellow purulent nasal discharge, or perennial nasal congestion, runny nose, and chronic rhinitis.

  Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment 1.

TCM massage opens the Tianmen-push up and down 24 times along the middle of the double eyebrows and the hairline to the hairline; rub the bridge of the nose-5-10 times each time, use the thumb of your hand to move up from the tip of the nose to the bridge of the eyebrowRub the paranasal groove-every 5-10 times, tap Yingxiang acupoint 5 times; press the cardia-last massage the cardia for 3 minutes.

  The baby’s skin is delicate, the movements of the parents must be gentle, and the local skin can be slightly reddish. Do not use excessive force to avoid damage to the skin.

Medicinal diet treatment ① Pueraria congee ingredients: Pueraria root 50 grams, previous rice 100 grams, pupa 10 grams.

  Preparation: Put the pueraria root into the pot, add 2000 ml of water, cook to 1000 ml, remove the residue, add the previous rice to cook the porridge, add the chopped minced rice dumplings and mix well.

  This porridge clears heat and decomposes the muscles, and it can be used for babies over 1 year old.

  ② Mint Su Ye drink raw materials: 5 grams of fresh mint, 15 grams of Su Ye, rock sugar.

  Production: Wash fresh mint leaves and perilla leaves and add 500 ml of water to the pot. After boiling, remove the mint and perilla leaves instead. Then add an appropriate amount of rock sugar according to the usual habits and take it at any time.

  Suitable for babies after 6 months.

  Reminder 1.

Children with a history of allergies over the age of 2 can go to the hospital for allergen testing, apply effective anti-allergic treatments, and invade early-onset diseases.

Data show that skin allergy tests are rarely over the age of 2 (except for food allergy assessments).

  2.Avoid eating fish, shrimp, river crab, and other foods that contain a large amount of foreign protein. Do not eat vegetables such as coriander, amaranth, and gray cabbage.

Eat a light diet and avoid eating greasy and desserts and drinks.


Mothers breastfeeding their babies, take care not to consume spicy food.


Actively look for allergens and stay away from life after allergens are found.


Always clean the dust under the bed indoors. Babies with a history of allergic diseases should try to avoid close contact with dust, parasites and animal feathers.


Children with severe nasal congestion and runny nose can be treated with anti-allergic drugs under the guidance of a doctor.

Preventing colds during the winter season

Preventing colds during the winter season

Early winter season anti-cold expert reminds: Lidong is the time when the autumn and winter seasons alternate, the temperature difference is transmitted, the air quality is degraded, and the human immunity is relatively reduced at this time, which will lead to multiple respiratory diseases, the most common is the cold.

In order to avoid a cold, special advice is given: 1. To improve immunity and prevent colds, the most fundamental thing is to strengthen exercise and increase clothing and bedding in time.

In addition, daily morning and evening to wash your face with cold water, can increase the blood circulation of the face, improve disease resistance, cold resistance, and thus prevent the occurrence of colds.

2, keep the air fresh and often indoor activities, people should pay attention to indoor direct sunlight, air circulation, maintain the appropriate temperature, indoor and outdoor temperature difference should not be too large.

Always open the window to ventilate, a small bottle of leaking peppermint oil can be placed on the bedside to let the smell spread slowly.

In the case of a cold, you can use the vinegar to fumigate the room.

In addition, it is necessary to drink plenty of water to enhance body metabolism.

3, avoid the source of infection, go to public places and reduce the chance of infection.

During the flu epidemic, try to avoid going to crowded public places.

Do not share utensils, towels and other daily necessities.

For children who do not have self-prevention ability, adults should take extra care. Usually, children should drink hot water. When they are cold, they should wear hats and masks.

4, pay attention to health hand and hand contact is an important way of cold infection.

The cold virus can survive on the handkerchief for 1 hour and survive on the hand for 2 hours.

Therefore, always wash your hands with soap and do not touch your nose and eyes before washing your hands.


Whitening sun protection spring and summer skin care highlights

Whitening sun protection spring and summer skin care highlights

In the spring, through the continuous escalation of UV intensity, have you already felt that your skin has become dull and rough?

In fact, how bright the skin is depends entirely on whether you choose the materials carefully and match it with reasonable expectations.


hzh {display: none; }  传统中医疗法讲究因人而异的对症下药,我们自然也不能省略科学严谨的望闻问切,在选择适合自己的美白防晒套餐前,请先对自己的肌肤类型有个清楚的认识And judgment.
  First, the characteristics of oily skin: excessive secretion of sebaceous glands, the face is often shiny, the skin will soon have a sticky feeling after cleaning.

But at the same time, it can effectively help the upper skin to retain moisture and avoid dryness.

Skin types have large pores, rough skin, and are prone to acne, acne and acne.

  Maintenance points: Dry weather in spring will increase the secretion of sebaceous glands, and the problem of oil production will be more serious. Thorough cleaning and oil control are the maintenance points for oily skin to keep the skin smooth and fresh.

  Second, the characteristics of mixed skin: the overall texture of the skin seems to be more delicate, but if you look closely, you will find that the T area is more prone to oil, and the toes and the outer edge of the face will have some dryness, which is more prone to acne and acne.
  Conservation focus: The use of different products to partition care is the most important principle of mixed skin care.

It is necessary to pay attention to cleaning and controlling the excessive secretion of oil in the T area, and to effectively moisturize other areas of the face.

  Third, normal skin.

hzh {display: none; }  肤质特点:肌肤细腻而有弹性,水油平衡,很少出现肌肤问题.

As the weather changes, it will become dry in autumn and winter, and oil in summer.

It is not sensitive to external stimuli and is more resistant to sun. It is the most ideal skin type.

  Maintenance points: No need for too much special care, as long as you do daily basic maintenance, maintain water and oil balance, the skin will glow natural and healthy.

  Fourth, dry skin skin characteristics: The skin texture is similar to normal skin, but the water and oil are imbalanced, especially in the season change season, the skin will become abnormally dry, it is easy to feel the facial tension, and there are few acne and acne troubles。
  Care points: In the spring, dry skin will have a clear feeling of dehydration, so we must pay attention to the skin’s moisturizing, and choose a variety of heavy care products to supplement nutrition and moisture is the focus of maintenance.

  Fifth, the characteristics of sensitive skin: thin skin, inherently fragile and lack of elasticity, when exposed to more external stimuli, the skin is prone to redness or small pimples, shallow capillaries, and easy to rupture to form red bloodshot.

  Maintenance focus: Use mild skin care products, try not to change it repeatedly, do not apply makeup, and reduce all kinds of irritation to the skin.

In severe cases, products specifically for sensitive skin must be used.

Correct your child’s bad habits


Correct your child’s bad habits

Rui Rui is a clever little boy who loves adults.

However, the little guy has a small problem and his work is very arduous, which makes Rui Da and Rui Ma anxious, worried that the child will still be like this when he grows up.

The benefit of Rui Da Rui Rui mother makes sense. If young children do not develop good habits, they will become accustomed to nature long ago, which is not conducive to the healthy growth of children.

Early childhood education experts believe that to correct children’s procrastination, we must proceed from the following aspects: 1. Check the family’s education environment and adjust the education method in a timely manner.

Some children’s procrastination stems from the improper family education environment and the lack of good education methods.

In everyday life.

Some parents are overly obsessed with their children, relying on their children for everything, and when their children start to suffer from complications of doing things, parents do not take timely measures to help their children to correct bad problems.

At the same time, some parents do not follow the rules of time when doing things themselves, and at the same time, they virtually affect their children’s behavior.

In fact, to help children to correct the problem of procrastination, parents must first find the cause from their own family education methods. In family life, they must lead by example, and they must not have procrastination problems. Only in this way can theyGive children a good educational environment.

At the same time, it is more important that parents must not give their children any excuses that can be procrastinated. If they find signs of procrastination, they must stop them in time and not treat any potentially bad habits with any coddling.

2. Learning examples are important.

In the process of growing up, children generally like to compare with role models, and parents should make full use of this.

To find a model for children to learn in real life, this benchmark model can be some heroes, or children around.

In usual education, you must show a role model and tell your children that the role model role is loved by everyone because he has a sense of time and is not procrastinating.

Educating children often with example deeds has a certain effect on correcting children’s procrastination.

3. The new educational methods of storytelling or games are worth trying.

After all, children’s procrastination is an improper way of education.

New educational methods of progress, storytelling or games are well worth trying.

Parents can often tell stories or play games, instill the concept of punctuality and efficiency in the story, and help children develop a good habit of doing things without delay in the story or game. Long-term subconscious education is more than reprimandMore effective.

4. Proper punishment oriented to the consequences is necessary.

Early childhood education experts believe that blind criticism of children’s grinds can sometimes be interrupted.

Experts suggest that when necessary, the consequences of child’s friction are presented to the child, and the child should be appropriately corrected.

Let the children understand that the consequences of the habit of doing things will be very serious, and they will also be punished.

Sometimes, appropriate violations can help your child quickly “wake up”!