Microwave heating food must pay attention to these


Microwave heating food must pay attention to these

Most office workers will bring meals to the company to eat, so the heating tool must be the microwave oven. In fact, the microwave oven must be aware of the following points when heating food, otherwise it will affect physical health.

  1. Prepared meals are seven mature. In order to prevent repeated loss of vitamins, it is best to only make the dishes seven mature when taking meals.

When the vegetables are fried to seven, you can bring out the ones you want to bring and cook the rest before you eat them.

In addition to beans, which may cause poisoning, vegetables can retain more vitamins and taste better.

The roasted chicken and stir-fried meat in the dish are piled up and matured. If you warm it before eating, the taste will be better.

  2. To use utensils marked with a microwave oven, be sure to choose a lunch box suitable for microwave heating. Such a lunch box will be marked with “applicable to microwave ovens”.

Plastic does not indicate that the poorly heated lunch box can easily dissolve substances into the food. Some plastics may release some harmful ingredients when heated, pollute food, and endanger human health.

Do not use metal utensils, because iron, aluminum, stainless steel, enamel and other utensils are added to the oven. When the microwave oven is heated, it will generate electric sparks and reflect microwaves, which will damage the oven body and not heat food.

  3. When heating with a cover, in order to prevent excessive evaporation of water, the cavity should be covered and heated.

Under normal circumstances, the microwave box heating time is controlled to about two minutes.

If the meal is not hot, just add a few turns to the microwave oven.

If there is no bowl lid, you can wrap it with plastic wrap and wrap it instead.

You can also sprinkle a little water on the surface of the meal.

  4. The heating time should not be too long. The heating time should not be too long.

Thaw or heat food in a microwave oven. If you forget to take it out, if it takes more than 2 hours, you should discard it to avoid food poisoning.

  5. Do not store food for too long. Generally, do not store food for too long. It is best to cook in the morning within 8 hours. The food is not easy to spoil and has bacteria. If you do n’t have time, you can store it in the refrigerator.

  6. For liquid heating, use a spoon. If you want to heat soup, it is best to put a non-metallic stirring rod or spoon in the container, unless you want to watch the hot water splash show.

What utensils should not be used before the baby is 3 years old

What utensils should not be used before the baby is 3 years old

Although the tableware made of glass, ceramics and other materials is beautiful, because the little hands of children are still very awkward, “misses” may occur frequently.

This aspect will result in waste, which may still scratch the child, and thus easily lose the child’s confidence to learn to reset itself.

  Too big or too small tableware Too small tableware The child’s small hands are not easy to control, and too small tableware may cause the soup to overflow when the child is placed, which artificially increases the difficulty for the child to learn on his own.

  Tableware for adults is generally designed for adults, and is not suitable for children in terms of volume or weight.

In addition, the other disadvantage of using tableware with adults is that it is easy to transmit adults’ diseases to children.

  Western-style tableware Western-style tableware is very fashionable nowadays, so some families want to let children contact early.

As everyone knows, the knives and forks in western-style tableware are both hard and sharp, which can easily puncture children’s lips.

If your child falls, it can easily cause more serious trauma.

  Chopsticks Many parents believe that since using chopsticks can help children’s intellectual development, they should let children learn to use chopsticks as soon as possible.

However, the use of chopsticks must be through the precise coordination of multiple joints of the hands, wrists, elbows, arms and even shoulders, rather than the simple flexion and extension of five fingers.

Therefore, it is more suitable for children to learn to eat with a spoon before the age of two.

Generally, children can only practice using chopsticks when they are 3-4 years old.

If you ask your child to use chopsticks too early, not only will it be difficult for you to learn, but you may also scatter your meals because of uncoordinated movements.

If parents are not patient enough at this time to blame or reprimand the child, the child’s enthusiasm for eating will be dampened, and appetite will be affected.

  It is true that colored tableware can attract children’s attention, but the chemical pigments used in drawing are extremely harmful to children’s health.

For example, the color pictures on ceramic tableware are presented in color glaze, and the color glaze contains a large amount of lead-acidic food can dissolve the lead in the color glaze, so it may enter the child’s body at the same time as the food.

Everyone knows that children can absorb lead 6 times faster than adults. If the lead content in children is too high, it can have irreversible distortions in children’s intellectual development.

Another example is the painted chopsticks. In the process of use, there are often small pieces of paint peeling off, and it is naturally harmful to the health of children with food.

  Certain tableware made of chemical materials is not the case, even though all manufacturers vowed to guarantee the absolute safety of their products.

Therefore, when purchasing tableware for children, parents must choose qualified products from high-trust manufacturers.

  Difficult to clean tableware The shape, design or size of some tableware are usually not easy to clean, or they cannot be sterilized at high temperature, so that oil and bacteria can easily adhere to it, so they are not ideal tableware for children.

Communication skills 28

Communication skills 28


The appearance is not annoying. If you don’t look good, let yourself be talented; if you don’t have talent, always smile.


Temperament is key.

If you can not be fashionable, then be natural.


Shake for a while when shaking hands with someone.

Sincerity is treasure.


It is not necessary to use “I” as the subject at all.


Don’t borrow money from friends.


Don’t “force” guests to see your family album.


When hitting “” with someone, please sit next to the driver first.


Don’t worry about getting good words out of your ears.


You just smile when someone says something bad about you in front of you.


Drive your own car and don’t stop to say hello to a cycling colleague.

People will think you are showing off.


Visit a colleague when he is ill.

It was natural to sit on his bed and wash his hands after going home.


Don’t let everyone know the past.


Respect those who don’t like you.


To be wrong with others; or to be ruthless to others, to be affectionate to others; or to be first and to be second.


Self-criticism always creates belief, but self-commendation is not.


Nothing can improve your bowling performance better than the onlookers.

So don’t regret your cheers.

Don’t take others for granted, take it for granted.

Be grateful.

  18 years old

The “starling” on the banyan tree was talking, only talking but not listening, but turned into a mess.

Learn to listen.

Respect the master in the communication room and the aunt who is doing hygiene.


Remember to start with “us” when speaking.

  twenty one

Applaud everyone who sang on stage.

  twenty two

Sometimes you know why: Your diamond ring is expensive!

Sometimes, you ca n’t ask even if you want to ask, some: how old are you?

  twenty three.

If you talk a lot, you will lose, and when there are many people, talk less.

  twenty four

Change the unexported “No” to: “It takes time”, “I try my best”, “I’m not sure”, “I will call you when I decide” . 25.

Don’t expect everyone to like you, it’s impossible, making most people like it is successful performance.


Of course, you have to like yourself.


If you are performing or giving a speech, if someone is listening, you must continue to do it carefully, even if no one is applauding, because this is your path to success, it is the cradle of your success, you do n’t want to seeSuccess even requires you to succeed.


If you see something worth seeing, then you must reply, because your reply will give people the courage to move forward, and it will give you a lot of inspiration.

At the same time people will be grateful to you.

Teach you how to eat hot pot so that it is not easy to get angry

Teach you how to eat hot pot

Although the hot pot is delicious, many people worry about getting angry after eating.

In fact, as long as you learn to eat scientifically, you don’t need to worry.


hzh{display:none;}  吃火锅上火三大原因  其一,由于汤料或调料的辛辣所致。Insufficient spicy food, digestive dysfunction of the spleen and stomach, endogenous dry heat and dampness, and then problems such as constipation and hemorrhoid attacks.

Spicy irritation can cause acute attacks of the gastrointestinal tract, sore throat, erythema, itching, dryness, desquamation, gingival swelling and pain, erosion of the corners, dry lips, mouth ulcers, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc.

Therefore, it is a good time to give up the taste, and it is better not to eat or eat spicy.

In particular, patients with gastric and duodenal ulcers, hemorrhoids, stomatitis, chronic laryngitis, chronic pneumonia, and cholecystitis, as well as those with normal hand, foot and heart heat, and Yin deficiency and internal fever with sleep night sweats, should also refrain from eating spicy food.

  Second, it is unscientific to choose food in hot pot.

Too many people eat hot pots and prefer high-content foods such as mutton, beef, and dog meat.

The scientific food matching should be to eat more foods that clear the fire and nourish yin, instead of changing and replacing foods, such as chicken, fish, seafood, etc.

At the same time, a lot of green leafy vegetables must be paired.

Vegetables are mostly cold and cold, which can eliminate greasiness and supplement human vitamins, as well as cool, detoxify, and eliminate fire.

Eat some tofu properly. The gypsum in it can not only increase the replacement of the constant elements calcium and magnesium, but also have the effects of clearing heat, purging fire, removing annoyance and quenching thirst, and alleviate the symptoms of anger.

For example, adding some lotus seeds to the hot pot is not only beneficial to balanced nutrition, but also has the effects of nourishing and strengthening the body, clearing the heart, and reducing fire.

  Third, blindly eat nourishing hot pot.

Relatively speaking, some hotels have come up with “medicated food” and “tonic hot pot” to attract customers.

In fact, not all of these medicated hot pots can be eaten. Improper eating not only does not have the effect of nourishing fitness, but may also damage physical health.

Medicinal diet is not a simple addition of food and traditional Chinese medicine, or is refined from three types of medicine, food and seasoning under the guidance of the theory of syndrome differentiation in traditional Chinese medicine.

  People who eat at a table cannot have the same physical condition, and everyone should eat the same medicated diet instead.

For example, “Shen Yu Yu Zhu Lao Ya Tang” is suitable for patients with dryness of the lungs, dry cough, constipation and other patients.

If you like nourishing hot pot, you may wish to ask Chinese medicine as a staff to defeat the “Yin Yang Buxie”.

Before eating hot pot, you must find out what Chinese medicine is in the bottom of the pot and choose the brakes.

Consume 20 cherries daily to slow down aging, reduce inflammation and relieve pain

Consume 20 cherries daily to slow down aging, reduce inflammation and relieve pain

Cherries have thick flesh, are delicious and juicy, have a bright color, and are rich in nutrition.

Cherries contain a variety of nutrients that are good for your health. It contains sugar, protein, B vitamins, vitamin C, carotene, mineral calcium, iron, phosphorus, and more.

Among them, the iron content ranks first among various fruits, 20 times that of citrus and pear, and 13 times that of hawthorn.

Therefore, edible cherry has the effect of promoting hemoglobin regeneration.

In addition to high iron content, it also contains vitamin A to delay aging.

  Cherry contains a special substance, which has analgesic effect better than the antipyretic analgesic-aspirin. Eating 20 cherries the next day can help relieve the pain caused by osteoarthritis and gout.

  Recent studies have shown that cherry free radical powerful antioxidants can lower cholesterol, reduce the body’s trace content (especially the abdominal trace), and thus reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

Chinese medicine also believes that cherries have the functions of tonifying qi, relieving rheumatism, astringent and reducing diarrhea, and nourishing and beauty.

How to avoid mosquitoes in summer

How to avoid mosquitoes in summer

With the gradual warming of the weather, a large number of small rashes have recently appeared on a large number of babies. Itching is unbearable, and sometimes the bleeding marks are not healed. The doctor diagnoses it as insect bite dermatitis.

Therefore, how to keep babies away from mosquitoes in the summer is a top priority for parents.

Do not scratch insect worm dermatitis with your hands. Bitten dermatitis is a common complication of pediatric dermatology in summer: after biting, pimples or silts may appear on exposed skin such as the face, earlobe, limbs, and herpes or blisters;You can find stabbing points, like pillow-like dark red silt points. Babies often feel itching, burning or pain, which can cause irritability, crying, etc.

If the symptoms are serious, the baby may show obvious redness and swelling in the eyelids, auricles, lips, etc., and even fever, and local lymphadenopathy.

If your baby is bitten, be careful of scratching or allergies, there may be severe reactions such as bullae, hemorrhage and necrosis.

Therefore, in order to prevent the baby from scratching the wound, at this time, the parents can help the baby to cut the nails and crush the baby to scratch the wound and secondary infection.

There are many insects that cause insect bite dermatitis. The more common ones are mosquitoes, bed bugs, fleas, parasites, flying slugs (small black worms), wasps, etc. Other caterpillars, such as mulberry caterpillars, and thorny caterpillar poisonous hairs can also penetrate the skinThrow throw.

The most common of these is lungworm, which is very small and can be said to be ubiquitous in nature. It can directly bite the skin and cause insect bite dermatitis, or it can cause skin burns through secretions such as feces and saliva.

Worm bite dermatitis manifests as pimples, wind masses, and edema at the bite.

Itchy skin is the most common.

It can be secondary to bacterial infection after scratching due to itching. If it is injured by the poisonous burr of insects, it may also cause redness, swelling, heat, pain in the wound site. In severe cases, it can also cause shock.

The worm bite dermatitis occurs regardless of age, and the combination of all ages, there is a cluster of incidence.

Tips: The treatment of general insect bite dermatitis is mainly antipruritic, some kind, absorb the toilet water with mosquito repellent effect, and the baby’s skin has strong absorption ability. Avoid spraying mosquito with insecticide in the room.Toilet water is more secure. The high-quality toilet water contains the traditional Chinese medicine “liu Shen stock solution” and the latest international bionic repellent. These ingredients do not harm the baby’s skin and make mosquitoes unable to distinguish between sleeping babies and other objects next to them.What’s the difference, creating a baby “stealth” for more than 5 hours.

In addition to mosquito repellent, hot water hot mats in addition to treatment, preventive measures should also be in place in time.

Indoors, we should pay attention to cleanliness and sanitation, leaving no dead spots for hygiene and no place for mosquitoes to hide and reproduce; when opening windows for ventilation, screens should be used as barriers to prevent mosquitoes from flying in; regularly sprayed in the kitchen, bathroom and other corners to kill mosquitoesElixir, but it is best to take it when the child is away, and pay attention to ventilation.

In order to protect the child from mosquitoes while sleeping, you can put a mosquito net with good ventilation on the crib; use electric mosquito coils, but be careful not to get too close to the baby; apply mosquito repellent to the baby; when the baby is bathing, you canA bit of toilet water in the water can also axially repel mosquitoes.

In addition, the high temperature in summer and the multiplication of bacteria, it is easy to breed insects after being placed on a mat for one year. It can cause acute dermatitis by being bitten by it or coming into contact with its venom or powder.There are edema-like papules or wind-like papules with needle-sized bite marks in the center of the epidemic.

Allergic symptoms such as sneezing and runny nose will occur after entering the human respiratory tract or touching the skin.

Therefore, remember to use hot water before using the mat.

When going out, try to wear long-sleeved clothes for your baby, and apply some mosquito repellent to the baby’s whole body before going out. Bring mosquito repellents such as mosquito repellent, mosquito repellent and mosquito nets when traveling. Do not be near the river or lake.Stations near rivers, streams, etc .; try to avoid walking in the grass.

Tips: Rinsing in cold water or cleaning agents will not kill mites in the mat.

Before using the mat for the first time, you can use insecticides that are not toxic to the human body to kill the parasites, that is, apply the pesticide on the mat and then clean it.

You can also wash the mat with boiling water first and then expose it to the sun to kill mites and their eggs that are not easily visible to the naked eye.

Links to the four measures to change mosquito repellent screens In summer, every family will open windows for ventilation. If there is no screen screen or the screen window is damaged, mosquitoes and flying insects will come in from the window.

There are currently three types of window screens used by residents, one is a nylon screen, one is a plastic screen, and one is a stainless steel screen.

These three types of window screens have their own characteristics, such as non-slip edges on nylon window screens, and they are relatively strong; while plastic window screens have edge slippage, but this type of window screen is the cheapest; stainless steel screens have only a small mesh effect to block mosquitoesThe best and very durable, but the most expensive.

The mosquito-repellent mosquito flower near the window can be placed near the window, so that the scent of the flower keeps mosquitoes away from the window and difficult to enter the room, and other mosquito repellents with special smells other than flowers can be placed in the bedroom.Fear of the smell will shrink in the corner or escape.

“Sugar Cannonball” In the evening, use a pure water bottle to put the early thick sugar or honey in the corner of the child’s bedroom, and the mosquito will always be found in the bottle the next day.

The use of lamps to kill mosquitoes to deal with mosquito infestation, mosquito prevention, mosquito repellent seems a bit passive, and killing mosquitoes is the most active and effective.

The harmless mosquito killing method is to kill mosquitoes with mosquito killer lamps.

The mosquito killer lamp uses the phototropism of mosquitoes and sensitivity to special wavelengths (ultraviolet light threshold for mosquitoes) to trap the mosquitoes on the surface of the net with a lamp tube, and uses a high-voltage electric shock to make the mosquitoes burn instantly.

These three types of foods should not be eaten after fitness. What foods should not be eaten after fitness?

These three types of foods should not be eaten after fitness. What foods should not be eaten after fitness?

It would be a pity if the hard work for fitness was wasted because of incorrect diet.

Understand the main points of diet during fitness, carefully consider when supplementing preparation, you can see fitness results as soon as possible.

Let ‘s take a look at what foods should not be eaten after fitness and what foods are helpful for fitness!

  What food should not be eaten after fitness? After its fitness exercise, the human body consumes too much and the body naturally needs to replenish energy, which does not mean that you can freely.

If you want to gain muscle or lose weight, you need to be careful about your diet after fitness.

After working out, it’s important to supplement your nutrition, which requires protein and glucose.

However, unhealthy foods for adolescents and sugar must be eliminated.

  1. Raw cold vegetables should not be called processed cold vegetables after fitness.

Carrots, celery, peppers, and broccoli may be healthy low-faeces foods, but they are not suitable for eating after exercise because these foods are not enough to replenish energy to maintain a healthy metabolic rate.

However, if you must eat vegetables, you can add sauces such as yogurt, nut cream or hummus to make salads, but don’t use cream.

  2. High-fat fast-food potato chips, french fries, burgers, hot dogs, and corn flakes can quickly fill up an obese belly, but eating it after fitness is equivalent to letting the previous exercise effect go to waste.

The adults in these foods are difficult to digest. This is not what people want to see after exercise. What needs to be supplemented after exercise is glycogen, not an aunt that increases body storage.

  3. Desserts such as sweets, donuts, and other snacks are not nutritious, but they have a high amount of traces and transformations. Although you need to supplement the muscle “fuel” after exercise, whole wheat bread with peanut butter or marmalade is more suitable.

  What food is good for fitness1. Egg muscle fiber is mainly composed of protein. If the muscles grow up, they must have rich protein intake.

Eggs come first in protein foods. They contain proteins that can best meet the human body’s needs for protein, and are more easily absorbed and broken down into amino acids as raw materials for muscle growth; and eggs also contain healthy traces, saturatedAuntie, lecithin, etc., all can help muscle growth.

  2, white bread white bread coarse grains, contains less cellulose, less nutrition, can increase insulin levels.

However, since fitness requires more easily digestible carbohydrates to restore the body’s muscles to sugar levels and increase insulin secretion to help muscle growth, white bread has become a better choice.

Eating 4 slices of white bread provides about 50 grams of easily digestible glucose.

  3. Yogurt Yogurt contains relatively rich protein and calcium. Protein can help muscle recovery and growth, while calcium can control muscle contraction and reduce trace storage.

Experience Communication: 10 Tips for Parenting

Experience Communication: 10 Tips for Parenting

Parents’ hands should be filled with love and warmth, rather than making children feel strange and fearful.

A child who grows up in the trenches will gradually develop similar behaviors, such as lying if he does not dare to express his true feelings, and theft if he dare not speak.

However, some parents often find it difficult because, apart from scolding and scolding, they always find it difficult to find effective parenting methods.

Now, let’s learn about the 10 best ways to discipline without scolding or scolding!

Common reasons for beating and scolding children When asked why they are beating and scolding their children, many parents responded by saying “don’t listen to discipline”.

In fact, when parents scold and scold their children, they always put all the reasons on their children, believing that the children force themselves to do so, but rarely seek other ways to teach their children.

In fact, no matter what kind of discipline is used to treat children, the responsibility must be borne by the parents, not the children.

It is precisely because parents are reluctant to find other methods of education, so sloppiness of scolding.

First of all, there are four main reasons why parents should scold their children.

1. The traditional concept of parenting is undeniable. The traditional concept of parenting still has a subtle influence on us, such as “not playing without tools” and “filial piety under the stick”.

Because in the traditional concept, the relationship between parents and children is top to bottom, and there is no concept of respect for children and equal treatment with children.

Respect for traditional culture is mostly about getting along with ordinary people, but it is very lacking in parent-child relationship.

2. Poor self-emotion management If parents’ minds are not mature enough, it will be a heavy burden and burden for children.

When encountering difficulties or frustrations in life, some parents can easily vent their grievances on their children.

When parents’ expectations of their own life or work cannot be met, they even hope that the child can fully follow his instructions. Once the child’s performance does not satisfy the parents, most parents will scold them.

3. Familiar growth experience Because some parents did not accept new knowledge in time, or lacked experience, some parents directly applied the parental discipline model. As long as they did not follow their parents’ intentions, they would be blamed and scorned.

Therefore, when he cannot make his child do things or live his way, he likes to discipline the child in the most familiar way.

4. Seek a quick and convenient method Some parents are too lazy to think about other ways to discipline their children. They believe that beating education is the most convenient, and it can also speed up the results.

Therefore, whenever a child makes a mistake, the first thing that comes to mind is to suspect the child.

Few parents are born to teach their children, and few parents can become parenting masters naturally.

To be a successful parent, you need to be constantly enriched with new knowledge.

If you haven’t had too many good educational experiences since you were young, and now it is difficult to think about how to treat your children, then please refer to the 10 methods proposed by experts.

Top 10 Tips for Doing No Fighting or ScoldingThe table now has a comprehensive grasp.

A little more understanding means less misunderstanding.

In this way, once the child is really disobedient, he can better understand how to guide the child.

2. As the knowledge-absorbing society changes, and the child’s growth environment changes at the same time, the way of raising children naturally also needs to continue to improve.

As a parent, we must take the initiative to absorb new education knowledge.

In the traditional parent-child education method, most parents use authority to educate their children, and scolding is obviously an important method of authority education.

Absorbing new knowledge can help parents jump out of their growth experience and adjust their educational concepts in a timely manner.

3. Listen patiently. If the child is an impatient parent, usually the most direct response to a child who is not disciplined is to swear.

At this time, Mr. Cheng Guiying advised parents to calm down first, try a little more patience, and ask what is the cause of the child.

When parents’ minds have been focused on understanding their children’s thoughts and trying to help them solve problems, they may find that their children’s behavior is actually excusable and has released a lot of emotions.

4, really put down some parents always like to maintain dignity in front of their children, used to treat their children with the above attitude.

This special suggestion of Mr. Cheng Guiying hopes that parents really put down their bodies and respect the children from the heart. They should no longer speak to the children with orders and treat them as people.

Don’t always say “no” to your child, but give your child multiple choice questions and let the child make their own decisions.

If your child is old enough to have no problem expressing it, you can also ask the child to come up with a solution or alternative.

5. Explain the truth to the children In addition to the usual warnings, parents should also teach the children certain truths in actual situations.

Let the child have empathy, let him experience it from the perspective of others, and truly understand how his behavior will affect others. In this way, the depth of explanation can be selected according to the age of the child, and particularly young children can use storytelling.

6. Let the child experience If the child is always unable to listen to the adult, then the parent can also let the child himself “eating evil results” with the guarantee of safety and no serious consequences.

Through their own practical experience, children will be able to deeply understand how correct and important the parents’ teachings are.

7, do not agree with the child do not always ask the child to live with the adult’s mind, then not only the child is suffering, even the adult is also suffering.

A child is also a person, and of course he has something he wants to do. Therefore, it may be a good way to negotiate with the child and take a step back.

When the child wants to jump on the sofa and the parent has something to think about, he can ask the child to jump on the bed in the bedroom, or ask him to wait for a while, or wait for the parent to handle the matter before taking the child to the parkEnjoy jumping.

8. Regardless of how to teach the child in a state of extreme anger, parents must not be able to discipline the child in a rational way.

Therefore, when parents can’t calm down anyway, Mr. Cheng Guiying suggested that parents leave the scene temporarily, or divert their attention to do other things, such as calling friends to chat, listening to music, etc.

After you calm down, talk to your child.

9. Revise expectations for children Sometimes parents are too eager to be kind, and often ask their children for standards that they cannot do.

(Perhaps parents thought they could do it, but never actually did it!

) You know, the child is still young, active, stubborn, forgetful and so on.

If parents really have requirements on their children, they must also consider their children’s growth status, and do not always look at their children’s performance with a magnifying glass.

10, treat children in good faith When some parents communicate with their children, they always like to use accusations or imperative tones, which often makes it difficult for children to accept.

According to Mr. Cheng Guiying, the communication between parents and children should be sincere and there is no distance. Parents can honestly explain to their children their concerns or emotions, and letting the children understand his behavior will make you sad or worry, Fear.

As long as the tone is peaceful and the attitude is sincere, you will find that in fact, children are happy to be considerate of their parents.

Teach you 12 tips for raising happy children

Teach you 12 tips for raising happy children

1. Give children time to play casually, do n’t arrange your life too regularly. American child education scholar Thomas Armstrong points out that free play is healthier for preschool children than planned activities.Useful.

Parents should avoid stuffing their children’s time with various activities and lessons.

All children need some time to do nothing and play casually.

Only in this way can their imagination be freely displayed, allowing them to leisurely watch the spider webs and study how fireflies glow . at their natural speed to explore the world they are curious about.

Perhaps, sometimes you should also slow down your pace, set aside your schedule, and enjoy life at the pace of your child.

2. Make sure that the child eats a healthy and healthy diet, which not only keeps the child healthy, but also stabilizes the child’s mood.

Definitely a meal or snack, try to follow healthy principles, such as: low fat, low sugar, fresh, balanced diet.

3. Encourage him to play more sports with your child, play bicycles, swim, etc. More exercise can not only exercise the child’s physical fitness, but also make him more cheerful.

Maintaining a dynamic life can moderately relieve the child’s stress and emotions, and make children like themselves, have a positive body image, and find fun and sense of accomplishment from sports.

4, often hug a light hug, conveying infinite care, the silent “I love you”.

Studies have found that gentle touches and hugs can make premature babies healthier, more active, and more emotionally stable.

For adults, hugs also help reduce stress and calm upset emotions.

5. Give up perfectionism. We all expect the child to show his best, but sometimes they are too eager to correct or improve their performance. For example, if they do n’t clean the table, they wipe it again; or they must replace them.Put things in place.

Everything requires perfection, which will weaken children’s self-confidence and courage not to make mistakes.

Next time when you can’t help but want to take a step and eager to help your child do things better, think about it first: “Is this something related to health or safety?

“Imagine 10 years later, is this matter so serious?

“If the answer is no, then let the children do it. 6 、 Smile often and tell jokes with the children, compose funny songs together, laugh with your children, and overcome both you and your children.
Just laughing is good exercise.

7. Listening attentively No child is more aware of being cared than listening attentively.

Want to be a better listener?

Don’t just listen with one ear. When the child speaks to you, try to stop what you are doing and listen to him.

Be patient and listen to the child, don’t interrupt it halfway, hurry to help him express it or ask him to finish it quickly, even if you have already heard what he said many times.

It is the best listening time to accompany the child to school or to trick the child into bed8. Teach him that a happy child who cares for others needs to know that he has a certain connection with others and understand what he means to others.

Developing this feeling can help your child get in touch with others.

You can organize some old toys with your child and donate to charity with him to help homeless children.

Children can also be encouraged to participate in some volunteer activities at school.

Experts point out that even at a very young age, you can get happiness from helping others.

And develop a habit of helping others.

9. Teach him to solve the problem. From learning to tie shoelaces to crossing the road by himself, each step is a step towards a more independent child.

When children find that they have the ability to solve the problems they face, they can bring them happiness and sense of accomplishment.

When he encounters obstacles, such as being ridiculed by a playmate or unable to get a piece of the puzzle together, there are several steps to help him: 1.

Confirm his problem.


Let him describe the solution he thought of.


Find steps to solve the problem.


Decided to let him solve the problem himself or provide some help.5.

Make sure he can get the assistance he needs.

10. Creative compliments When a child is doing well, don’t just say, “Good.

“Praise should be more specific, say the details, and point out that there are some places that are impressive or better than the last time, for example,” You have the initiative to say good morning to the guard uncle today, it is really polite.

“However, be careful when praising, don’t develop the wrong expectations of your child.

Some parents reward their children with gifts or money, and let them focus on and get paid instead of good behavior.

Parents should let them discover for themselves the satisfaction and accomplishment of accomplishing one thing, rather than rewarding him with material rewards.

11. Stimulate his inner artistic talent Although scientists have confirmed that there is no so-called “Mozart effect”, exposing children to music, art, dance and other activities can still enrich the child’s inner world.

Experts have found that when a child dances with music or has graffiti with a brush, it is actually a way for the child to express his inner world and express emotions.

Children like to draw, dance or play music, and they are more satisfied with themselves.

12. Every child on the stage for his performance has unique talents. Why not give them a chance to show it?

If they like to tell stories, encourage him to tell you more stories.

If he is good at numbers, take him to shopping and ask him to help you choose the cheapest thing.

When you appreciate your child’s talents and show your enthusiasm, your child will naturally become confident.

Four notes for bodybuilding

Four notes for bodybuilding

Bodybuilding does not need to be done every day, and the effect is not good every day. The best effect is to do it three times a week, that is, the next day, and then take a day off on the weekend.

If you can’t, you can do it twice a week, but it can’t be less, otherwise it won’t work.

For those who want to lose weight, you can do it again.

  Time: We usually think that morning exercise works best.

Indeed, getting up early in the morning and doing some exercise can make you feel tired all day long.

But in terms of the effect of the exercise itself, the morning is not the most suitable time, and the best exercise time of the day is 3 to 5 pm.

Of course, in addition to professional athletes, most people’s prime time during exercise is also the easiest time to work and live, it is unlikely to have time to do bodybuilding.

Then you may choose to exercise around 8 pm, the effect is also good.

  Frequency: Actually, bodybuilding does not need to be done every day, and the effect is not good every day. The best effect is to do it three times a week, that is, do it every other day, and then take a day off on the weekend.

If you can’t, you can do it twice a week, but it can’t be less, otherwise it won’t work.
For those who want to lose weight, you can do it again.
  Breathing: When doing bodybuilding, correct breathing is very important, it can penetrate the effect of doing more with less.

Specifically: Inhale when exerting force, try to inhale as deep as possible; exhale when you relax, exhaust as completely as possible.

  Auxiliary equipment: The function of home fitness equipment is limited. There are several parts of the muscle that cannot be trained, so you’d better buy some auxiliary equipment, the most commonly used is dumbbells.

If economic conditions permit, you can buy a set of dumbbells of different weights, and vice versa.

Don’t underestimate small dumbbells. It can do quite a lot of exercise. It can exercise your biceps, triceps, wrists, and chest muscles. Putting dumbbells under your neck for sit-ups works well.

  Summary: Bodybuilding is easier said than done, and the key is persistence.

Persist in doing the above, and there will be obvious changes after three months. To a certain extent, you will be surprised by yourself.

In order to test the effect of bodybuilding, you can measure the size of each part of your body before you decide to do bodybuilding, record it (including waist circumference, bust, arm circumference, etc.), and then measure it after three months or six months, youIt will definitely increase confidence.