Whitening sun protection spring and summer skin care highlights

Whitening sun protection spring and summer skin care highlights

In the spring, through the continuous escalation of UV intensity, have you already felt that your skin has become dull and rough?

In fact, how bright the skin is depends entirely on whether you choose the materials carefully and match it with reasonable expectations.


hzh {display: none; }  传统中医疗法讲究因人而异的对症下药,我们自然也不能省略科学严谨的望闻问切,在选择适合自己的美白防晒套餐前,请先对自己的肌肤类型有个清楚的认识And judgment.
  First, the characteristics of oily skin: excessive secretion of sebaceous glands, the face is often shiny, the skin will soon have a sticky feeling after cleaning.

But at the same time, it can effectively help the upper skin to retain moisture and avoid dryness.

Skin types have large pores, rough skin, and are prone to acne, acne and acne.

  Maintenance points: Dry weather in spring will increase the secretion of sebaceous glands, and the problem of oil production will be more serious. Thorough cleaning and oil control are the maintenance points for oily skin to keep the skin smooth and fresh.

  Second, the characteristics of mixed skin: the overall texture of the skin seems to be more delicate, but if you look closely, you will find that the T area is more prone to oil, and the toes and the outer edge of the face will have some dryness, which is more prone to acne and acne.
  Conservation focus: The use of different products to partition care is the most important principle of mixed skin care.

It is necessary to pay attention to cleaning and controlling the excessive secretion of oil in the T area, and to effectively moisturize other areas of the face.

  Third, normal skin.

hzh {display: none; }  肤质特点:肌肤细腻而有弹性,水油平衡,很少出现肌肤问题.

As the weather changes, it will become dry in autumn and winter, and oil in summer.

It is not sensitive to external stimuli and is more resistant to sun. It is the most ideal skin type.

  Maintenance points: No need for too much special care, as long as you do daily basic maintenance, maintain water and oil balance, the skin will glow natural and healthy.

  Fourth, dry skin skin characteristics: The skin texture is similar to normal skin, but the water and oil are imbalanced, especially in the season change season, the skin will become abnormally dry, it is easy to feel the facial tension, and there are few acne and acne troubles。
  Care points: In the spring, dry skin will have a clear feeling of dehydration, so we must pay attention to the skin’s moisturizing, and choose a variety of heavy care products to supplement nutrition and moisture is the focus of maintenance.

  Fifth, the characteristics of sensitive skin: thin skin, inherently fragile and lack of elasticity, when exposed to more external stimuli, the skin is prone to redness or small pimples, shallow capillaries, and easy to rupture to form red bloodshot.

  Maintenance focus: Use mild skin care products, try not to change it repeatedly, do not apply makeup, and reduce all kinds of irritation to the skin.

In severe cases, products specifically for sensitive skin must be used.