Baby pillow learning

Baby “pillow” learning

Choosing pillows for babies can’t be sloppy, and pillow needs are different at different times.
  The newborn baby has a straight spine. When lying down, the back and back of the head are on the same plane. The neck and back muscles are naturally relaxed. When lying down, the head and body are also on the same plane. If the pillow cushion is high, it will easily bend the neck.Some also cause breathing difficulties, which affects normal growth and development.
Therefore, newborns do not need pillows.
However, in order to prevent vomiting, the upper body of the newborn can be appropriately raised a little when necessary.
  When the baby grows up to 3 months, he starts to learn to look up, and the spinal neck begins to show a forward physiological curvature.
The 6-month-old baby started to learn to sit, and the spinal thoracic segment began to show a backward physiological curvature, and the shoulders also developed and widened.
If you do not use a pillow at this time, the head position is low, which will cause more blood in the brain than when using a pillow, which may affect the baby to sleep.
Therefore, a 3-month baby should start using pillows.
  The height of the baby pillow should be moderate, the length should be slightly larger than the baby’s shoulder width, the width is equal to the head length, and the height is preferably 3-4 cm, and it can be gradually adjusted according to the baby’s continuous development.
The pillowcase is best made of soft white or light-colored cotton. The texture of the pillowcase should be soft, light, breathable, hygroscopic, and moderately soft and hard. You can choose materials such as rush grass, buckwheat husk, and pudding.
Folks such as tea leaves, mung bean skin, late silkworm sand, bamboo mushrooms, chrysanthemums, and papaya are used to fill pillow cores, but foam plastics or acrylic fibers and silk cotton should not be used as fillers.
  The baby’s metabolism is strong, and the head sweats a lot. It is easy to soak the pillow when sleeping. The sweat and dandruff are mixed, and it is easy for some pathogenic microorganisms and allergens such as mites and dust to adhere to the pillow surface. It not only emits odor but also easilyInducing bronchial asthma or causing skin infections.
Therefore, the baby’s pillowcase and pillowcase should be washed and dried frequently.
  If your baby’s pillow is too high or too low, it will affect breathing patency and neck blood circulation, and affect the quality of sleep and mental state during the day. So how high is your baby’s pillow?
It depends on your baby’s age and physical characteristics.
  In confinement, the spine is almost straight, the head is relatively large, almost shoulder-width. When lying down, the back of the head and the back are on the same plane, so there is no need to use a pillow. You can also use an adult eyelid towel to stack it into four.Use it as a pillow.
A baby with breast milk cannot be solved by raising the pillow. He should lie on his right side and raise his upper body.
When the baby will look up in 3 months, the cervical spine of the spine will appear in front of the neck; after 6 months of sitting, the spine of the spine will appear to the back; at the age of 1 will walk, the spine of the spine will appear to the frontThe waist is curved, so after 3 months, the spine is no longer straight.
At the same time, as the body develops, the shoulders gradually widen.
At this time, in order to get proper posture during sleep, you should start using pillows.
Baby pillows are about 4 cm high and children are 6-9 cm high.
  Your baby’s pillow needs to be soft.
Excessive stiffness can easily cause deformities such as flat head and face, and will also cause a round of hair on the pillow to cause alopecia areata, which is often mistaken by parents for babies suffering from diarrhea. Too soft and large pillows will make them younger.Your baby, especially newborns, is at risk of suffocation.
The pillow is generally made of buckwheat husks or dried tea leaves after brewing tea. It is not only suitable for softness, hardness, strong moisture absorption and breathability, but also can be washed.
Other similar items such as yarrow seeds are also possible.