Preventing colds during the winter season

Preventing colds during the winter season

Early winter season anti-cold expert reminds: Lidong is the time when the autumn and winter seasons alternate, the temperature difference is transmitted, the air quality is degraded, and the human immunity is relatively reduced at this time, which will lead to multiple respiratory diseases, the most common is the cold.

In order to avoid a cold, special advice is given: 1. To improve immunity and prevent colds, the most fundamental thing is to strengthen exercise and increase clothing and bedding in time.

In addition, daily morning and evening to wash your face with cold water, can increase the blood circulation of the face, improve disease resistance, cold resistance, and thus prevent the occurrence of colds.

2, keep the air fresh and often indoor activities, people should pay attention to indoor direct sunlight, air circulation, maintain the appropriate temperature, indoor and outdoor temperature difference should not be too large.

Always open the window to ventilate, a small bottle of leaking peppermint oil can be placed on the bedside to let the smell spread slowly.

In the case of a cold, you can use the vinegar to fumigate the room.

In addition, it is necessary to drink plenty of water to enhance body metabolism.

3, avoid the source of infection, go to public places and reduce the chance of infection.

During the flu epidemic, try to avoid going to crowded public places.

Do not share utensils, towels and other daily necessities.

For children who do not have self-prevention ability, adults should take extra care. Usually, children should drink hot water. When they are cold, they should wear hats and masks.

4, pay attention to health hand and hand contact is an important way of cold infection.

The cold virus can survive on the handkerchief for 1 hour and survive on the hand for 2 hours.

Therefore, always wash your hands with soap and do not touch your nose and eyes before washing your hands.