[Potato Roasted Eggplant Practice]_ Potato Roasted Eggplant _ How to Make _ How to Make

[Potato Roasted Eggplant Practice]_ Potato Roasted Eggplant _ How to Make _ How to Make

Many people find that the amount of oil and water that they need to add each time is too large because the eggplant itself absorbs oil. If less oil is added, it will cause its own eggplant to become unpalatable, so it is inevitable when eggplant is made.It will become very greasy, which makes people feel afraid to eat more. In fact, you can try the eggplant made of potatoes. The oil and water content is not large. The most important thing is to make the eggplant taste delicious.

Potato roasted eggplant 1Materials: eggplant, potatoes, bell pepper seasoning: sugar, water starch, salt, soy sauce Method 1, eggplant, potatoes cut into golden brown with the right side.

2, add a little oil in the pot, add onion ginger to fry the aroma, pour the potatoes and stir fry for a while, pour eggplant, add soy sauce and stir well, pour a small amount of water for a while and stuffy.

3, then add the bell pepper pieces, add sugar, salt, season with water starch, pour the minced garlic and stir fry.

Potato roasted eggplant 2 material 400 grams of potatoes, 400 grams of eggplant, 400 grams of meat, 1 bowl of meat sauce.

Method 1: Wash the eggplants and scoop them into small pieces to spread the worst.

Sliced pork belly, marinate in meat sauce for a while and taste.

2. Peel and cut potatoes and place on top.

3. Potatoes are covered with barbecue sauce.

4. Finally, spread the meat pieces on the top, add a bowl of bone soup (water if not used), cover the pot, and heat over medium heat until it rises by the side.