The elderly can help relieve constipation by taking a step

The elderly can help relieve constipation by taking a step

According to statistics, the reorganization of young and middle-aged constipation is 1% to 5%, while the elderly are 5% to 30%.

When people are old, the amount of meals and activities are significantly reduced, intestinal peristalsis is slowed down, and intestinal water is reduced, which is more likely to cause constipation.

Qi Meihong, director of the rehabilitation department of the First Hospital of Tianjin, told reporters that multi-sports is a good way to improve constipation. Studies have shown that if you take a 500-meter “one step” every day, you can greatly reduce the risk of constipation in the elderly.

  Walking a step is also called walking the cat step, the walking style of the model on the T-shaped platform, and the left and right feet should take turns to step on the midline between the two feet.

The specific way is: take the left foot forward, step on the midline of the two feet, twist the left foot while the foot is on the ground, keep the upper body relaxed; after the left foot is steady, then lift the right foot forward, the method is the same as above.The two legs take turns.

This way of walking will form a certain range of torque 胯, which will help improve the blood circulation of the pelvic cavity, strengthen the waist strength, effectively stimulate the internal organs, especially promote the gastrointestinal motility, equivalent to massage the liver, stomach, itself and other organs.It can promote the absorption of nutrients and the discharge of dialysis, and has a better effect on correcting constipation.

Walking 500 meters a day, and sticking to it for a long time, can promote bowel movements and prevent rectal cancer.

  Of course, the specific amount of exercise depends on the individual’s physical condition.

The debilitated old man should not be too careful to sweat with his body and not feel tired.

Also choose a place where the ground is relatively flat, some squares, stadiums, etc., do not exercise in crowded places.

Because you have a posture that is twisted and twisted, you should relax when you walk, but don’t be absent-minded and avoid spraining your toes.

  It should be noted that elderly people with high blood pressure and lower extremity vascular disease should exercise caution.

At the same time of exercise, other living habits should also pay attention to improvement, and some eat more coarse grains, crude fiber vegetables and so on.