The best choice of blood and iron in winter

The best choice of blood and iron in winter

Pork liver is a treasure trove of nutrition. The content of high-quality protein, vitamins and trace elements is usually better than meat.

100 grams of pork liver contains 19 grams of protein (equivalent to lean meat), vitamin A4972 micrograms (113 times that of lean meat), and iron 22.

6 mg (7 for lean meat.

5 times).

Pork liver not only has a high iron content, but also has a high iron absorption rate, which is 22% (equivalent to lean meat). Therefore, pig liver has always been the best choice for blood (iron).

  However, when using pig liver to supplement iron, eating is very important.

The most common way people eat pork liver is to go to the supermarket to buy braised pork liver and slice it home.

Although this way of eating is convenient and easy, it is not a better choice for iron supplementation.

According to the “Chinese Food Ingredients Table 2002”, 100 grams of raw fresh pork liver contains 22 iron.

6 mg, and 100 grams of cooked pork liver contains only 2 mg of iron.

  This is because the tissue structure of pig liver is very special. It is not dense muscle tissue (like meat), but vascular-like tissue. The rich blood vessels of pig liver contain a lot of blood, and hemoglobin in blood contains a large amount ofIron, in fact, is the key raw material for the synthesis of hemoglobin.

This is why raw pork liver is rich in iron.

However, when raw fresh pork liver is boiled in water, most of the “blood water” containing hemoglobin (containing iron) is lost in the soup, thus causing a significant decrease in the iron content in the brine of pig liver.

When eating braised pork liver, he will not drink pork liver soup, so this way of eating is not good for iron supplementation.

  In the same way, when frying pork liver, many people cook the pork liver or oil it, which will cause iron loss.

  In order to exert the iron-supplying effect of pork liver, cooking methods that preserve “blood water” (containing iron) should be used, such as simmering pork liver or pork liver soup.

Pork liver should be ticked first, which can prevent the “blood water” loss in pig liver, which is conducive to the preservation of iron in pig liver.

Although the pig liver soup is a little bit of “blood water” lost to the soup, it is necessary to drink soup when eating, so iron can also be preserved.