Five people must not be jealous

Five people must not be jealous

Vinegar health care has become a fashion, quietly popular in the family, but vinegar may not have a health effect for everyone, and the replacement of vinegar cannot be ignored.

There are five types of jealousy that can cause all kinds of discomfort. Be careful when you are jealous!


Those who are sensitive to vinegar and those with low blood pressure should not use vinegar, which can cause allergies in these people and cause symptoms such as rash, itching, edema, and pain.

In addition, vinegar in patients with low blood pressure can cause blood pressure to drop, causing headaches, dizziness, and general adverse reactions such as weakness.


Those who are taking western medicine should not be jealous.

Because acetic acid can change the pH of the local environment in the human body, so that certain drugs cannot work.

  When taking thiamine-containing drugs, sodium bicarbonate, magnesium oxide, and basic drugs such as Wesuan, you should not eat vinegar, because acetic acid can neutralize alkaline drugs and has been replaced.

When using antibiotics such as gentamicin, kanamycin, streptomycin, erythromycin, it is not advisable to be jealous, because these antibiotics will reduce the effect in the acidic environment and affect the efficacy.


When taking traditional Chinese medicine that “disperses sweat”, it is not appropriate for traditional Chinese medicine to believe that acid can converge. When combined with anti-exhaustive sweat medicine such as Compound Yinqiao Tablets, vinegar will promote the contraction of human sweat holes, which will destroy the organisms in traditional Chinese medicine.Alkali and other active ingredients, which interfere with the antiperspirant effect of Chinese medicine4.

Patients with gastric ulcer and hyperacidity should not use vinegar to completely corrode the reconstituted mucosa of such patients and aggravate the development of ulcer disease. Moreover, vinegar itself is rich in organic acids, which can cause the digestive organs to secrete a large amount of digestive juice, thereby increasing digestion of gastric acidEffect, causing the ulcer to worsen.


Fractured elderly avoid jealousy In addition, the elderly should avoid jealousy during fracture treatment and rehabilitation.

Because vinegar can soften the bones and decalcify, and disrupt the dynamic balance of calcium in the human body, it will promote the development and aggravation of osteoporosis, make the injured limbs soft, the pain worse, and the fractures can’t heal.