Bad habits make beauty a bubble_1

Bad habits make beauty foam

“Beauty is common to everyone.” Beautiful women often worry that they don’t care enough for the skin and over-care, but they don’t pay attention to the occasional details and maintenance, which makes the skin difficult to heal for a long time.

How much of your lifestyle can cause skin problems?

The following editors come together for you!

  Bad habits that invalidate whitening. Bad whitening. Excessive whitening and excessive whitening will hurt our skin and increase the chance of pigmentation.

In order to whiten, I will do scrub or chemical peeling, so that the cuticle of the epidermis of the skin is detached, so that the skin is sensitive to light and becomes dry. As soon as the sun begins to rash, the pigmentation is more serious than before.

  Bad habit two. There are five sins in the face of computer radiation for a long time: face acne, radiation spots, dry and dull skin, decreased eyesight, and dark circles, but through the continuous expansion of computer applications, our lives and work are inseparable.Turn on the computer.

Radiation isolation work is very important. Applying a radiation isolation cream before applying makeup can effectively block computer radiation from damaging the skin, reduce the chance of pigmentation, and stay away from freckles and melasma.

  The bad habit that makes you “combat acne” fail. Bad habit. Sleeping with makeup or even removing makeup for one night can ruin the skin care effect for a month.

Cosmetics left on your skin can clog your pores and cause acne.

  Bad habit two, like to bask in the sun. Frequent exposure to the sun will make the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands active, pores will appear, and inflammation will accelerate, so you should wear a hat.

  Bad habit three: Drinking alcohol and alcohol converts blood into weak acidity, which indirectly causes acne problems. Patients drinking alcohol will accelerate blood circulation and cause acne.

  Bad habit four. I like to eat fried foods. Fried foods contain more oil. If they are involved in the secretion of fat or bacterial infection, acne will develop.

  Bad habit five: Makeup powder is too thick when makeup, cosmetics will double pore breathing, and powder particles will be mixed with oil bacteria, making acne worse.

  Bad habits for premature aging of your skin. Bad habits. 1. Exfoliate regularly, and use fruit acid skin care products. Exfoliating is a direct way to improve rough skin, enlarged pores and acne. Generally, exfoliating once a week can help the cuticleNormal metabolism, but women with oily skin or combination skin usually choose twice a week. Experts point out that in this case, only local exfoliation is sufficient. For example, in the T-shaped area, it is not suitable for whole face.

At the same time, women with long-term acne injuries often have fruit acids and acids in their daily skin care products, which is even more unsuitable for repeated use of physical exfoliating products.

  Bad habit two. Firm massage and heavy use of creams are often recommended by manufacturers. When applying skin care products, massage gestures are used to help skin care products penetrate.

Now we already know that excessive force will pull the skin, destroy the tissue structure of the skin, and cause relaxation and wrinkles to occur in advance. Therefore, be sure to follow the direction of the skin’s texture when massaging, and use the lighter middle finger and ring finger to preventCauses skin burden.

  Bad habit III. Massage the skin around the eyes in circular motions after using the eye cream. The skin on the face is the thinnest part of the face. The clumsy massage mentioned above will most likely lead to the loss of elastic fibers, making the skin loose and small fine lines.

Therefore, when using eye cream, the pat of the fingertips and finger pressure can effectively promote circulation, help lymphatic drainage, and accelerate the absorption of eye cream, which is more reliable and effective than massage techniques that cannot be used skillfully.

  Bad habit four, continuous use of spray, resulting in free evaporation of water. Many women love to use spray to hydrate the skin, and at the same time can achieve soothing and calming effects, bringing a soft and refreshing feeling.

However, in order to make the skin absorb more water, I always let the water droplets stay on the skin for a long time, and even let it dry itself. The fact is that when the water evaporates, the salt crystals on the skin surface will absorb water from the skin excessively, but will take away.The moisture inside the skin, which has been so for a long time, has caused the skin to become deeply dehydrated.

In fact, spray water only needs to stay on the skin for 30 seconds, then it should be gently dried, and then apply moisturizing products.