What should I do to prevent sinusitis?

What should I do to prevent sinusitis?

Sinusitis is a common ENT disease. It not only affects the physical health of patients, but also affects the work and life of patients. How do we do the prevention of sinusitis?

What should I do to prevent sinusitis?

The following will give you specific instructions on the prevention of sinusitis.

Prevention of sinusitis should be done to prevent colds. Under normal circumstances, many people with chronic chronic rhinitis have this feeling: when suffering from a cold, patients will feel more severe than those without rhinitis.

Why is this?

The doctor said that the patient’s cold will increase the incidence of rhinitis and sinusitis.

In sinusitis, rhinitis patients have weaker resistance to colds, so they are more likely to catch a cold than healthy people and form a vicious circle.

In addition, daily exercise can effectively prevent colds, swimming, running, playing, etc.

Second, correct the wrong nose and habits and methods Many patients with chronic rhinitis and chronic sinusitis usually have a habit, that is, blowing nose, but generally not easy to pull out, because the nose is often thick, then the patient is often severeThis may lead to suppurative otitis media, so don’t use too much force to blow your nose.

Third, prevent sinus water intake If you go to swim, you must pay attention to prevent infection of the sinus water, so we should first take a deep inhalation before the head into the water, then use the nose to breathe into the water to resist the water into the noseInside.

If the head is not soaked in water, use mouth inhalation and exhale with the nose.

After the water is discharged, if there is water in the nose, it is not advisable to pull out on the ground. At the same time, use the nose as a short exhalation, squirt the water, or inhale the water backwards and then spit it out.

Fourth, a good diet, a good diet and daily living to help prevent sinusitis, we should quit smoking and drinking hobbies, and pay attention to oral cleaning.

There is also room to be well ventilated and sunny.

To understand the protection of the nasal mucosa, the room can maintain a certain humidity, because dry air often affects the physiological function of the nasal mucosa, the nasal mucosa is dry, ciliary activity stops, and it is easy to cause viruses and bacteria to invade the disease.

In daily life, we must pay attention to the work of preventing sinusitis. If you find that you have sinusitis, you must go to the hospital for examination and treatment, and avoid blind treatment with your own medication.